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Key LRA Leaders Killed In DRC

A Ugandan soldier tracking down Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) fugitive leaders. (File photo).

An LRA fighter was killed and two women and two children being held captive by the rebel group were rescued.

On July 27, eight men hunting game along the border between South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo became the quarry instead, when they were attacked by an element of the Lord’s Resistance Army operating near the DRC’s Garamba National Park.

In the ensuing fight, an LRA fighter was killed and two women and two children being held captive by the rebel group were rescued. The women later identified the dead man as Major Thomas “Okello” Odano, who is thought to have been the rebels’ operations commander in the DRC.

The LRA has waged a decades-long campaign of murder, rape and kidnapping across four countries in central Africa. Under the leadership of men like Okello Odano, it has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. A chance encounter with men brave enough to beat back an LRA attack ended Odano’s depredations, but many others like him remain.

The United States is committed to supporting efforts by the governments and people of central Africa to end this threat. As one part of that support, a reward of up to $5 million is offered for the arrest or live capture of any of the LRA’s three top leaders: Joseph Kony, Okot Odhiambo and Dominic Ongwen.

You could be rewarded richly for information leading to the arrest of one or all of these men, who are charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court. Five million dollars is enough money to buy ten thousand cattle, to ensure your family’s needs are met for the rest of your life, to ensure your children’s education, and much more.

The people of the United States are committed to ensuring that justice prevails. If you or anyone you know has information on these men or their whereabouts, it can be provided with complete confidentiality.

To report information in South Sudan, call + 211-912-157-623. In Sudan, call +187-0-22000 press “0” and ask to speak with “security.” In DRC, call + 243-81-715-2501 or + 243-82-481-9841. And in Uganda, call + 256-414-306-040. You may also provide this information to any U.S. government or U.S. military representative. Thank you.