Democracy Deferred in Haiti

FILE - A woman casts her ballot at a polling station during elections in the Petion-Ville suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Oct. 25, 2015.

For its part, the United States looks forward to the prompt seating of a democratically elected president. More
June 2016
June 22, 2016

Audio Kerry at 46th OAS General Assembly

The United States is committed to promoting sustainable development in the Americas.

June 16, 2016

Audio Uprooting a Phony Caliphate

"We will stand united…to protect our people, and defend our nation and to take action against those who threaten us.”

June 14, 2016

Audio U.S. Condemns Violence Against Venezuelan Opposition

Venezuelan opposition lawmakers were recently attacked by pro-government groups as they tried to enter the electoral board headquarters.

June 08, 2016

Audio Supporting Mexico's Justice System

Since 2008, under the Mérida Initiative, the Conference of Western Attorneys General has trained over 25,000 members of the legal and law enforcement communities in Mexico.

June 04, 2016

Audio America Votes - Political Primaries

This month Americans will complete an important part of the process of selecting the candidates for which they will vote in November for the office of President of the United States.

June 01, 2016

Audio U.S.-Mexico Combatting Drug Scourge

The flow of illicit narcotics across the U.S. border with Mexico threatens people in both countries.

June 2016


Reflecting the Views of the U.S. Government as Broadcast on The Voice of America

Punto de Vista

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Punto de Vista: Who should Control the Internet?i
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“No creemos que los gobiernos deben controlar Internet”.

Video Punto de Vista: Who should Control the Internet?

“No creemos que los gobiernos deben controlar Internet”.

Video Punto de Vista: Genuine Dialogue Needed in Venezuela

A Estados Unidos le preocupa el deterioro de las condiciones económicas e informes de creciente violencia en Venezuela.

Video Punto de Vista: What is Freedom of Expression

“La libertad de expresión es básicamente el derecho a ser quienes somos”.

Video Punto de Vista: Kerry at the Council of the Americas

“Si queremos que las economías de América Latina y el Caribe crezcan y progresen mañana, entonces vamos a tener que tomar ahora las decisiones correctas”, dijo el secretario de Estado, John Kerry, en la reciente Conferencia de las Américas.

Video Punto de Vista: U.S. and Belize Fight Drug Trafficking

Bajo un nuevo acuerdo, Estados Unidos proveerá 6 millones y medio de dólares para ayudar al gobierno de Belice a combatir el tráfico de narcóticos y a mantener sus comunidades seguras y protegidas del crimen organizado.