Democracy Award for Ukrainian Parliamentarian

FILE - Mustafa Nayyem at the Voice of America.

Mustafa Nayyem, Ukrainian parliamentarian and former journalist, has won the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award. More
February 2015
February 25, 2015

In Support of Ukraine's People and Sovereignty

Secretary of State John Kerry praised the protesters who “stood up against injustice and sparked the birth of a new Ukraine."

February 14, 2015

Audio Nuland on Building Transatlantic Resolve

In 2015, the transatlantic community must double down on their commitment to a “Europe whole, free and at peace."

February 11, 2015

Audio Biden on Ukraine

In the face of Russian actions, the U.S. and its allies remain resolute.

Audio Anti-Semitism Condemned

Anti-Semitism is not only a European problem, but a global problem

February 09, 2015

Audio U.S.-Latvia Staunch Allies

Latvia, one of three Baltic States, remains a staunch ally of the United States.Latvia currently holds the presidency of the European Union and as such plays a leadership role in the European response to Russian actions in Ukraine.

February 02, 2015

Audio U.S. Again Calls on Russia to Release Ukrainian Prisoner

The United States has again called on Russia to release imprisoned Ukrainian parliamentarian Nadiya Savchenko.

February 2015


Reflecting the Views of the U.S. Government as Broadcast on The Voice of America