Rewards for Fugitives

Doku Umarov

Under his leadership, Caucasus Emirate has conducted suicide bombings and other terrorist acts.



Doku Umarov is a fugitive and senior leader and military commander of the Caucasus Emirate, a terrorist group based in the North Caucasus region of
Doku UmarovDoku Umarov
Central Asia seeking to use violence to establish a so-called Islamic emirate in the North Caucasus, Southern Russia and Volga regions of the Russian Federation.

A Russian citizen born in Chechnya, he is 47 years old, has brown hair and brown eyes, with a full beard and mustache, both brown in color.

Under his leadership, the group has conducted suicide bombings and other terrorist acts. He has claimed responsibility for the bombing this January of Moscow's Domodedovo Airport that killed 36 people, the March 2010 suicide bombing of two Moscow subway stations that killed 40 people, and the November 2009 bombing of the high-speed Nevsky Express train in which 28 people died.

Umarov has declared the United States, United Kingdom and other nations to be enemies of the Caucasus Emirate and issued repeated public threats against them. The Rewards for Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to Umarov's location.

The U.S. guarantees that all reports will be investigated and the identity of all informants will be kept confidential. If appropriate, the U.S. is prepared to protect informants by relocating them.

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