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Aid and Development

2014 YALI Washington Fellows studying in Virginia. (Photo by 2014 Washington Fellow, Rachael Njeri Wainaina)

Audio Young Leaders Will Shape Africa's Future

Five hundred young men and women from across Africa will gather in Washington next week, part of our nation’s long-term effort to support and invest in Africa’s next generation of educators, entrepreneurs, activists and leaders. More

Millennium Challenge Corporation meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia

Audio Millennium Challenge Corporation and Georgia

New compact with Georgia worth $140 million entered into force this month. More

Girls attend a class at their primary school in a village in the Yemeni capital Sanaa November 5, 2013. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah (YEMEN - Tags: EDUCATION SOCIETY) - RTX150ML

Audio Educating Girls for the Benefit of All

Every year of schooling can increase a girl’s future earning potential by 10 to 20 percent. She will share 90 percent of her earnings with her family and her community. More

Over 2 billion people gained access to improved sources of drinking water.

Audio Millennium Development Goals - One Year Left

With little more than 500 days remaining, some goals have already been met. More

Displaced refugee women, escaping the violence, wait to receive humanitarian aid at the airport outside the capital Bangui, Central African Republic.

Audio International Commitment for C.A.R. Aid

Nearly $51 million in additional assistance has been provided for Central African Republic relief, bringing total U.S. humanitarian aid to nearly $118 million this year. More

More Aid and Development Editorials

Audio World Food Prize 2014

This year, for the first time since it was created, the World Food Prize was awarded to another scientist whose work helped increased world wheat production: Dr. Sanjaya Rajaram cross-bred wheat varieties from distinct gene pools, and developed heartier plants with higher yields.

Audio U.S. Assistance To Georgia

The United States is a strong supporter of Georgia's democratic and economic development.

Audio Ebola Outbreak Still Serious In West Africa

The United States and other partners are working with international health officials to help contain the outbreaks.

Audio Disaster Aid To Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The United States is already providing assistance, and will continue to look for ways to assist in the recovery process.

Audio Army Corps Of Engineers Helping In Asia

Corps has ongoing work in 132 different countries.

Audio Resuming U.S. Aid To Madagascar

In light of successful 2013 elections and installation of a new government, the United States has lifted restrictions on provision of foreign assistance.

Audio Feed The Future Investment Paying Off

Program has leveraged $18.5 billion in investments.

Audio Aiding Those At Risk In South Sudan

The United States has joined with other donor nations to significantly increase humanitarian assistance to the people of South Sudan.

Audio Electrify Africa

Power Africa will significantly increase the number of people with access to electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Audio Improving Lives By Empowering Women

There is little doubt that increasing women’s participation in the economy fuels economic growth and prosperity.

Audio A New Government, A New Day In Madagascar

With the appointment of a new prime minister, Madagascar has taken an important step toward returning to democracy after five years of political and economic instability.

Audio Hagel In Mongolia

As one of the world's fastest-growing economies, Mongolia has a growing stake in regional and global security.

Audio Calling For More Support For Food Security

For every $2 from other donors, the United States will contribute $1 to food and agricultural security, up to a total U.S. contribution of $475 million.

Audio Promoting Entrepreneurship Globally

The U.S. runs and funds hundreds of programs which support entrepreneurs globally.

Audio U.S. Promotes Interreligious Cooperation In the C.A.R.

U.S. sends delegation of religious leaders to Central African Republic.

Audio A Strong U.S.-Saudi Relationship

The United States and Saudi Arabia have been strong partners for over eighty years.

Audio In Support Of Moldova

We see a future for Moldova where it has equally strong relations with Europe, with Ukraine, with Russia and where in fact it is a bridge of trade and commerce and education and strength across this space.

Audio World TB Day 2014

Tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death from infectious diseases worldwide, infecting almost 9 million people and killing some 1.3 million annually.

Audio Preserving Honduras' Cultural Heritage

The United States, as one of the top destinations for smuggled cultural artifacts, works closely with partner countries to intercept and recover these objects.

Audio The Asia-Pacific Clean Energy Program

Limited access to reliable energy and power resources represents one of the largest obstacles to economic growth in South East Asia.