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Aid and Development

FILE - Laotian authorities burn seized drugs. Since 1989, the U.S. has contributed over $47 million to the fight.

Audio Supporting Counter-Narcotics Efforts in Laos

U.S. Embassy and Lao National Commission on Drug Control donate $7,500 in office supplies and media equipment to awareness campaign. More

“Studies have shown that securing and recognizing women’s land rights can increase agricultural productivity."

Audio Development and Rule of Law

The UN is drawing up the Sustainable Development Goals program, which is meant to succeed the MDGs, and to consolidate on their gains. More

FILE - A farmer checks a maize crop in Catandica, Mozambique. (AP)

Audio U.S., Brazil Cooperate to Boost Mozambique

The partnership works with family and subsistence farmers to help them increase their yields, and then enable them to bring their product to the market. More

Poverty in Nairobi, Kenya, June 2, 2015. (Hilary Heuler / VOA)

Audio On Extreme Poverty

With USAID leading the way, the United States, in cooperation with our international partners, has worked hard to improve economic opportunity, health, food security, education, equality, stability, and accountable governance for millions of people. More

A man casts a fishing net on the Mekong riverbank in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Audio Promoting Clean Energy in the Lower Mekong Region

U.S. Assistance focuses on agriculture and food security, connectivity, education, energy security, environment and water, and health. More

More Aid and Development Editorials

Audio A New Chapter for the OAS

“We remain committed to those bedrock principles and ideals of democracy, security, and development for all of our citizens.”

Audio Supporting Rural Development in Mongolia

Reinvested funds will be used to implement activities for sustainable rural development by supporting a new “Resilient Communities” project in Mongolia.

Audio U.S. and Pakistan - Partners in Education

U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies will build partnerships in higher education and research.

Audio Expanding Global Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Program, or GEP, is a U.S. State Department-led effort to spur entrepreneurship by catalyzing and coordinating private sector and U.S. Government programs to support entrepreneurs around the world.

Audio How to Improve the Efficiency of Humanitarian Aid

Although some reform has already taken place, the future of humanitarian aid is yet to be invented.

Audio South Sudan Errs in Expelling UN Aid Coordinator

The Government of South Sudan indicated that the decision to expel U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator Toby Lanzer came after remarks Lanzer made in a television interview regarding the gravity of the humanitarian crisis facing the country.

Audio On U.S.-India Relations

Over the past few years, India has strengthened its regional leadership role in South Asia.

Audio On Hunger and How to Fight it

Around the world, nearly 800 million people suffer from chronic hunger. This means that one out of every 9 people walking this earth will go to bed hungry most nights.

Audio Treating Diseases of the Poorest

Neglected tropical diseases are chronic disabling illnesses that thrive in areas with poor sanitation, lack of clean drinking water and scant access to medication. Some of them can be effectively treated and even eliminated with low-cost medications.

Audio Civilians Suffering Most in New South Sudan Fighting

Renewed fighting in South Sudan has forced thousands to flee their homes in recent days. Some 650,000 civilians reportedly are without access to aid.

Audio Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The United States is a Pacific nation, and as such has an enormous stake in the people and the future of Southeast Asia.

Audio Regional Response Needed for Rohingya Migrants

The United States urges all the countries of the region to work together quickly to save the lives of the migrants now at sea who are in need of an immediate rescue effort.

Audio Aiding Nepal's Quake Victims

To date, the U.S. government has provided more than $37 million in humanitarian assistance for Nepal.

Audio Changing How We Deliver Food Aid

U.S. is committed to finding smarter ways to combat hunger.

Audio Supporting Refugees

The United States and its partners are committed to helping resolve conflicts, build democratic and just societies. Until then, we are working to safeguard refugees’ lives, and their dignity.

Audio U.S. Aids Nepal Quake Victims

U.S. has released $10 million in aid, deployed 128-person disaster team.

Audio In Northern Triangle, Reducing Crime is the First Step

While conditions in Central America remain challenging, the region could be close to transformative change.

Audio Relief Workers Killed in Syria, Yemen, Mali

In recent weeks there have been numerous deadly attacks against Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aid workers in Syria, Yemen, and Mali.

Audio Future Course of Central Asia

From the beginning, the United States has sought to assist Central Asia’s development, promoting the ideals of democracy and free markets.

Audio Turning the Page in Guinea-Bissau

It is a hopeful sign that international donors encouraged by recent political stability pledged more than one billion euros to support a 10-year development program.