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Aid and Development

A Syrian refugee child sleeps on his father's arms while waiting at a resting point to board a bus, after arriving on a dinghy from the Turkish coast to the northeastern Greek island of Lesbos, Oct. 4 , 2015.

Audio President Obama on Accepting Syrian Refugees

“Slamming the door in their faces, would be a betrayal of our values.” More

Judith Heumann with staff of the Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development - ECDD in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Audio Supporting Community Development in Ethiopia

U.S. pledges support for five projects initiated by different Ethiopian organizations to work on disability and development issues. More

Secretary Kerry Participates in Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the American University of Central Asia.

Audio Kerry in Kyrgyzstan

American University of Central Asia provides a fundamental foundation for democracy. More

Surviving childbirth should not be a matter of luck or where you live or how much money you have.

Audio Saving the Lives of Mothers

Saving Mothers, Giving Life is a five-year initiative that seeks to reduce maternal mortality by half. More

A half-hectare wheat farm near Debre Zeit, in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. (File)

Audio World Food Day 2015

October 16th is World Food Day, a day of action against hunger. More

More Aid and Development Editorials

Audio U.S. and Laos Partner on Disaster Response

The government of Laos, in partnership with the United States, recently hosted the Lower Mekong Initiative Disaster Relief Exercise and Exchange in Vientiane.

Audio Regional Cooperation for Afghanistan's Peaceful Development

Nations reserved their highest praise for the dedication and sacrifice of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and for those of the Afghan people.

Audio Feeding the Vulnerable in Malawi

The United States’ is donating $15.7 million worth of food commodities to Malawi to assist a portion of the 2.8 million people in need of humanitarian food assistance. U.S. Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer made the announcement in late September.

Audio More Aid to South Sudan

South Sudan, the world’s newest country and one of its least developed, faces many humanitarian challenges.

Audio President Obama Welcomes Pope Francis

At the White House on September 23, President Barack Obama celebrated the visit to the United States of the first-ever Latin American Pontiff, Argentinian–born Pope Francis.

Audio USAID's Unflagging Effort to Empower Women

“In order to end extreme poverty, feed the planet, and build vibrant economies, women and girls must gain access to capital, land, markets, training, education, and leadership opportunities.”

Audio Fighting Sudan's Food Crisis

The United States government is contributing $86 million in food assistance to the WFP, to be used for the benefit of those in need of assistance in Sudan’s Darfur, North Kordofan and West Kordofan states.

Audio U.S. - Korea a Dynamic Partnership

The United States and South Korea continue to share an increasingly dynamic partnership that includes military, economic and development issues.

Audio The Syrian Crisis, Refugees and Their Future

U.S. will accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year. In the meantime, the United States is working in support of those countries that are already hosting large number of asylum seekers from Syria.

Audio Millennium Development Goals - The Unfinished Business

Many of the Millennium Development Goals goals set 15 years ago have been attained, or nearly so.

Audio Improved Irrigation for Pakistani Farmers

USDA civil engineers worked alongside workshop participants to build the capacity of Pakistani farmers to develop sustainable, environmentally-friendly techniques to improve water usage, and reduce farmer reliance on the electrical grid.

Audio AGOA, The Next 15 Years

Fostering economic development in sub-Saharan Africa is a top priority of the United States, and the African Growth and Opportunity Act is the centerpiece of our trade policy on the continent.

Audio On Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

The “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is a transformative vision to guide development activities for the next 15 years.

Audio Supporting Education for Africa's Girls

Let Girls Learn Initiative aims to address some of the many challenges preventing adolescent girls from attending and completing school.

Audio Rohingya Deserve Consideration and Respect

The United States is gravely concerned about the plight of the Rohingya population in Southeast Asia.

Audio Helping West Africa Recover From Ebola Epidemic

Now, to help with the recovery, the U.S. Government will provide an additional $266 million.

Audio Providing Critical Food Assistance for Syrians

The United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, recently announced a $65 million contribution to the UN World Food Program.

Audio Expanding Internet Access in Indonesia

The U.S. is determined to work with Indonesia to expand broadband infrastructure and create an economic environment that enables affordable Internet connections.

Audio U.S. Sends Aid to Iraq But More Needed

The expansion of the militant group DAESH, its brutal and violent attacks against the civilian population of Iraq have caused a humanitarian catastrophe.

Audio Kerry Meets with Gulf Cooperation Council

Secretary Kerry also announced that the U.S. will contribute an additional $62 million in humanitarian assistance to Iraqis who are in need.