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Democracy and Governance

FILE - Opposition activists Alexei Gaskarov (L) and Ilya Gushchin (C) stand behind bars in a court room before hearings against opposition activists detained on May 6, 2012, during a rally at Bolotnaya Square, in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, April 24, 2014.

Audio More Russian Protesters Sentenced

The United States is deeply concerned over the sentences handed down to four more Russian protesters who participated in the Bolotnaya Square demonstrations in Moscow in May 2012. More

Shiite lawmaker and Deputy Parliament Speaker Haider al-Ibadi speaks to the media after an Iraqi parliament session in Baghdad, Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

Audio With New Government, New Chance for Iraq

The United States welcomes Nouri al-Maliki’s decision to resign his position as Prime Minister of Iraq and to support the formation of a new, more inclusive government. More

Newly named Central African Republic Prime Minister Mahamat Kamoun poses for a photograph in Bangui July 31, 2014. Central African Republic's northern Seleka rebels said on Monday they would not take part in a national unity government as they were not co

Audio A Hopeful Step in the C.A.R.

A new prime minister has been named in the Central African Republic. More

Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, left, and Afghan presidential candidate, Abdullah Abdullah  right, are laughing during a joint press conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

Audio A Welcome Political Accord in Afghanistan

“Both candidates have defined a road to a unity government, and they will begin now to meet together and to map out that transition ahead." More

Senegalese line up to vote in central Dakar. (file)

Audio Power at the Young African Leaders Initiative

“Democracy means government that respects the will and the rights of its people." More

More Democracy and Governance Editorials

Audio Summit Demonstrates U.S. Commitment to Africa

The leaders of some 50 African nations are gathering here in Washington to meet with U.S. government, business and civil society leaders to discuss trade and investment, peace and regional stability, and governing for the next generation.

Audio U.S. Can Play A Key Role Bolstering India

A strong, prosperous India is very much in the interest of the United States.

Audio U.S. Congratulates Indonesia on Election

Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy and largest Muslim-majority country, has a new president-elect.

Audio Fifth Anniversary of Estemirova Murder

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the murder of human rights activist Nataliya Estemirova.

Audio Young Leaders Will Shape Africa's Future

Five hundred young men and women from across Africa will gather in Washington next week, part of our nation’s long-term effort to support and invest in Africa’s next generation of educators, entrepreneurs, activists and leaders.

Audio Ethiopian Bloggers Should Be Released

The U.S. reiterates its call on Ethiopia to refrain from using anti-terrorism laws as a mechanism to curb the free exchange of ideas.

Audio A Way Forward In Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one step closer to the first peaceful, democratic transfer of power from one president to another.

Audio From Idealism To Instability In Libya

The United States is deeply concerned about the rapid escalation of violence in Libya that could lead to widespread conflict there.

Audio Freedom Of Expression Matters

Freedom of expression, and a state's obligation or commitment to ensure this right, applies online as well as offline.

Audio Sri Lanka Must Lift NGO Restrictions

The United States is concerned by reports that the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense has ordered registered non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, and civil society groups to cease their media engagements and activities.

Audio Chinese Imprison Christian Pastor

Chinese Christian pastor Zhang Shaojie was convicted July 4th and sentenced to 12 years in prison in retaliation for his peaceful advocacy on behalf of his church community.

Audio Pivotal Step For Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine

In late June, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia signed a number of agreements with the European Union aimed at increasing cooperation with these countries’ Western neighbors.

Audio Albania Begins Path To EU Membership

Albania has been granted official European Union candidate status by the European Council.

Audio Libyan Human Rights Activist Assassinated

Prominent Libyan human rights activist and political thinker Salwa Bugaighis, was gunned down in her home town of Benghazi on June 26th.

Audio Independence Day 2014

Self-government is a core American value and is at the heart of the Declaration of Independence, which we celebrate July 4th.

Audio Policy and Programs On Global Women's Issues

Women are critical to every issue we face, including security, health, governance, and the economy.

Audio Democracy And Good Governance Promote Prosperity

“The last decade has been a story of democracy and economic achievement in Latin America and the Caribbean."

Audio A Peaceful Transfer Of Power In Malawi

The southern African nation of Malawi has achieved another peaceful transfer of power with the inauguration of Peter Mutharika as president on May 31.

Audio U.S. Assistance To Georgia

The United States is a strong supporter of Georgia's democratic and economic development.

Audio The U.S. and Egypt's New President

Egypt’s former military chief Abdelfattah al-Sisi was sworn in as president of Egypt June 8, following his victory in the May presidential election.