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Democracy and Governance

Deputy Secretary Antony Blinken (center) delivers remarks during the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Audio A New Chapter for the OAS

“We remain committed to those bedrock principles and ideals of democracy, security, and development for all of our citizens.” More

Opposition leaders (from left to right) Mahmood al-Rajab, Radhi Mohsen al-Mosawi and Sheikh Ali Salman.

Audio U.S. Concerned Over Shaikh Ali Salman

​The United States is deeply concerned by the June 16 conviction and sentencing by a Bahraini court of Shaikh Ali Salman, the Secretary General of the Al-Wifaq opposition political society. More

Audio Helping Africans Gain Access to Justice

"Access to justice doesn’t just mean access to courts, it means access to information and to government services from a government that is responsive to their needs." More

The Magna Carta display in the Crypt of the United States Capitol features a replica of the English document.

Audio Magna Carta, A Cornerstone of the Constitution

After 800 years, the Magna Carta still forms an important symbol of liberty today. More

Atena Farghadani

Audio Civil Society Activist Sentenced in Iran

Artist Atena Farghadani has been sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison for drawings and other content critical of the government which she posted on Facebook. More

More Democracy and Governance Editorials

Audio A Sea Change in Sri Lanka

Since his victory, President Sirisena has implemented a number of reforms, including removing media restrictions, lifting restrictions on foreign travel to the North, and initiating corruption probes.

Audio The Peril and Protection of Journalists

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution calling on Member States and all parties to armed conflict to protect journalists in conflict zones and elsewhere.

Audio The Arusha Agreement Must be Respected

The United States again calls on President Pierre Nkunrunziza to respect the term limit provision of the Arusha Agreement in order to restore stability and help his country heal after weeks of violence.

Audio Another Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered

Yet another Bangladeshi blogger has been hacked to death, the third such murder since February.

Audio Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Russia

Implementation of new law could paralyze a variety of non-governmental organizations and threaten the freedoms of expression and association, as well as other human rights.

Audio Algiers Accord a Hopeful Step Toward Peace in Mali

Political separatists have signed a preliminary peace agreement with the government of Mali, a hopeful step toward ending decades of fighting in the troubled West African nation.

Audio Memorial Day

Like many nations, the United States pauses each year to honor those who died in its defense through military service.

Audio Deal to Disarm Raises Hope in C.A.R.

Rival militant groups in the Central African Republic have agreed on an accord that requires them to disarm, raising hopes of finally restoring peace and bringing reconciliation to the troubled nation.

Audio A Reported New Cyberweapon for China

The U.S. is committed to protecting the internet as an open platform.

Audio Burundi Political Crisis Takes a Violent Turn

We urge all stakeholders to take the steps necessary to create the conditions required for peaceful, timely, credible and transparent elections.

Audio Free Speech in Mongolia

Over the last 25 years, Mongolia has enacted reforms protecting human rights.

In Togo, Africa Marks Another Free Election

Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe has been sworn in for a third term leading the West African nation, following his victory in the April 25 presidential balloting.

Audio In Guatemala, Strengthening the Rule of Law

With the help of a U.N.-sponsored commission, Guatemalan prosecutors have investigated 161 government officials, leading to numerous convictions.

Audio Release Imprisoned Syrian Journalists

The U.S. calls for the immediate release of Mazen Darwish, Hani Zitani, and Hussein Ghareer.

Audio World Press Freedom Day 2015

A free and democratic society cannot exist without a free and independent press.

Audio DRC Political Crackdown Threatens Constitutional Rights

As many as 40 activists, musicians and journalists were arrested in the capital Kinshasa on March 15.

Audio Uzbek Elections Less Than Free and Fair

The March 29th Uzbek presidential election was less than free and fair, according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, or OSCE, observer mission.

Audio In Support of Civil Society

“Civil society is the conscience of our countries. It’s the catalyst of change. It’s why strong nations don’t fear active citizens.”

Audio Obama at Summit of the Americas

At his first Summit of the Americas in 2009, President Barack Obama promised a new chapter of engagement in Latin America based on equal partnerships to address shared challenges.

Audio October Election in Burkina Faso Should Be Inclusive

Voters in the West African nation of Burkina Faso head to the polls in October to elect a new president and lawmakers from an unfairly restricted field of candidates.