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Economy and Trade

Farmers shear sheep for wool, in Khovd Province, western Mongolia.

Audio Supporting Rural Development in Mongolia

Reinvested funds will be used to implement activities for sustainable rural development by supporting a new “Resilient Communities” project in Mongolia. More

U.S. Under Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel in Pakistan.

Audio U.S. and Pakistan - Partners in Education

U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies will build partnerships in higher education and research. More

Abrar Almasoud

Audio Expanding Global Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Program, or GEP, is a U.S. State Department-led effort to spur entrepreneurship by catalyzing and coordinating private sector and U.S. Government programs to support entrepreneurs around the world. More

FILE - U.S. President Barack Obama, second right and first lady Michelle Obama, left stand with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, right and Indian President Pranab Mukherjee.

Audio On U.S.-India Relations

Over the past few years, India has strengthened its regional leadership role in South Asia. More

Rhino horns are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the United States Attorney's Office.

Audio U.S. Committed to Stopping Wildlife Smuggling

"This conviction of Elite Estate Buyers ... demonstrates our resolve in going after all those involved in the illegal wildlife trade." More

More Economy and Trade Editorials

Audio For Peace and Prosperity, Prioritize Women's Concerns

It is not a coincidence that countries are more stable and prosperous when women enjoy rights that are comparable to those of men, and when women participate in governance and in the formal economy.

Audio Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The United States is a Pacific nation, and as such has an enormous stake in the people and the future of Southeast Asia.

Audio A Reported New Cyberweapon for China

The U.S. is committed to protecting the internet as an open platform.

Audio Promoting Global Entrepreneurship

U.S. has set a goal of generating $1 billion in new investment for emerging entrepreneurs worldwide by 2017.

Audio U.S., India Committed to Increasing Trade

The United States is committed to India’s continued, and accelerated, economic growth and prosperity.

Audio Economic Potential of a Free and Open Internet

The present,multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance helps to protect fundamental freedoms online and promote continuous innovation.

Audio Future Course of Central Asia

From the beginning, the United States has sought to assist Central Asia’s development, promoting the ideals of democracy and free markets.

Audio Moving Forward Together in the Americas

Discussions between leaders meeting April 10 and 11 in Panama City will be more than about issues of diplomatic import, but also of practical matters that affect the people of the hemisphere in tangible ways in their day-to-day lives.

Audio Unlocking Central Asia's Potential

The United States believes that because stronger regional ties tend to accelerate economic growth, Central Asia’s future lies in creating regional markets.

Audio Pan-Asian Connectivity

The United States remains a strong partner in bringing the countries of South and Central Asia together economically.

Audio Partnership Promoting Prosperity in Africa

Public-private partnership mobilizes the knowledge, expertise and resources of leading public and private institutions to encourage and enhance technology and innovation.

Audio Prosperous Egypt Good for Regional Stability

In an effort to make Egypt more attractive to investors, President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi launched significant reforms to kick-start the economy and improve the business climate.

Audio Investing in Tunisia

"The next step – economic reform – is essential if the revolution is to fulfill the ambitions of the Tunisian people."

Audio A Plan for Progress in the Northern Triangle

Initiative seeks to work with the private sector and civil society to boost economic growth.

Audio The Importance Of The TPP

The United States is a Pacific Rim nation and, as such, its prosperity and security are increasingly linked to the Asia-Pacific region.

Audio Developing New Trade Routes in Central Asia

We encourage all regional partners to continue to diversify and expand the trade and transport routes, and to build economic growth throughout the region.

Audio The New Silk Road Post-2014

The New Silk Road initiative is a reflection of the United States’ enduring commitment to South and Central Asia.

Audio U.S. - India Work for the Good of the People

A close relationship between the United States and India is beneficial not only to the two strategic partner countries, but will promote security, prosperity, and stability in the Indo-Pacific region and the world as a whole.

Audio Russel on U.S.-Asia Relations

“America’s prosperity and Asia’s prosperity are inseparable . . . Our shared prosperity and shared security are just as tightly linked.”

Audio Kerry in Pakistan

On a recent visit to Pakistan, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry emphasized the importance of U.S.-Pakistan cooperation in the fight against terrorism.