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Economy and Trade

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at Nazarbayev University on November 2, 2015 in Astana.

Audio U.S., Central Asia Partners for 21st Century

The United States is committed to partnering with Central Asia to build democratic governments powered by free market economies and to cooperate on global challenges such as climate change and violent extremism. More

Fighters from the Islamic State group parade in a commandeered Iraqi security forces armored vehicle down a main road at the northern city of Mosul, Iraq. An independent monitoring group says some bombings carried out by the U.S.-led coalition targeting the Islamic State group likely have killed hundreds of civilians.

Audio Daesh Profits Off Backs of the Oppressed

Undercutting DAESH’s financial strength remains a key element of the United States’ strategy to ultimately degrade and defeat ISIL. More

Venezuelan military operation to destroy a clandestine drug laboratory near of the border with Colombia. (File)

Audio Illicit Trade - The Dark Side of Globalization

In too many countries around the world, criminals have built great empires on laundered funds to infiltrate and corrupt government institutions. More

FILE - Men stand next to the wreckage of a tractor-trailer set ablaze by members of a drug cartel in Guadalajara, Mexico, May 1, 2015.

Audio Disrupting Support for a Drug Cartel

U.S. sanctions five Mexican businesses for support of Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion. More

A burning pile of marijuana and other drugs are being incinerated at a camp of the Mexican Army's 28th infantry battalion in Tijuana, Mexico, August 18, 2015. A total of 138.7 tonnes of drugs seized during this administration, including 7 tonnes seized in

Audio In Latin America, Fight Against Drugs Continues

Though Bolivia and Venezuela did not make meaningful efforts to meet their obligations to international counter-narcotics agreements over the past year, four Latin American countries made commendable progress. More

More Economy and Trade Editorials

Audio Economic Factors in Violent Extremism

Economic disparity, often in combination with other factors, can open the door to violent extremism.

Audio Burma Drug Curbs Continue to Fall Short

Burma is one of three nations, however, that have demonstrably failed to live up to their international counter-narcotics agreements or cooperate with the U.S. in its fight against illicit drug trafficking.

Audio U.S. - Korea a Dynamic Partnership

The United States and South Korea continue to share an increasingly dynamic partnership that includes military, economic and development issues.

Audio U.S. and Pakistan Partner to Fight Drug Abuse

Program educated students on their roles in combatting drug abuse in Pakistan.

Audio Fighting High Intensity Drug Trafficking

Michael Botticelli, Director of National Drug Control Policy, announced this month that the United States Government will provide $13.4 million in funding for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas.

Audio AGOA, The Next 15 Years

Fostering economic development in sub-Saharan Africa is a top priority of the United States, and the African Growth and Opportunity Act is the centerpiece of our trade policy on the continent.

Audio Partnership to Combat Illegal Fishing

New Oceans and Fisheries Partnership project will develop a system for documenting and tracing legal seafood products in the Coral Triangle region.

Audio Sixty Years of Laos Relations

This month, the United States and Laos celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations: ties that commenced soon after Laos declared its independence in 1954.

Audio Supporting Rural Development in Mongolia

Reinvested funds will be used to implement activities for sustainable rural development by supporting a new “Resilient Communities” project in Mongolia.

Audio U.S. and Pakistan - Partners in Education

U.S.-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies will build partnerships in higher education and research.

Audio Expanding Global Entrepreneurship

The Global Entrepreneurship Program, or GEP, is a U.S. State Department-led effort to spur entrepreneurship by catalyzing and coordinating private sector and U.S. Government programs to support entrepreneurs around the world.

Audio On U.S.-India Relations

Over the past few years, India has strengthened its regional leadership role in South Asia.

Audio U.S. Committed to Stopping Wildlife Smuggling

"This conviction of Elite Estate Buyers ... demonstrates our resolve in going after all those involved in the illegal wildlife trade."

Audio For Peace and Prosperity, Prioritize Women's Concerns

It is not a coincidence that countries are more stable and prosperous when women enjoy rights that are comparable to those of men, and when women participate in governance and in the formal economy.

Audio Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The United States is a Pacific nation, and as such has an enormous stake in the people and the future of Southeast Asia.

Audio A Reported New Cyberweapon for China

The U.S. is committed to protecting the internet as an open platform.

Audio Promoting Global Entrepreneurship

U.S. has set a goal of generating $1 billion in new investment for emerging entrepreneurs worldwide by 2017.