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Environment and Health

The island village of Kivalina, an Alaska Native community of 400 people the White House chose to highlight as a community at risk from rising sea levels.

Audio Climate Change Presents Challenge to Security

“The impacts of climate change can exacerbate resource competition, threaten livelihoods, and increase the risk of instability and conflict, especially in places already undergoing economic, political, and social stress.” More

Chinese fishermen, wearing yellow jackets, are led by South Korean police officers after they were arrested at a port in Mokpo, South Korea, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012. The South Korean coast guard on Tuesday fatally shot a Chinese fisherman with a rubber b

Audio Taking Steps to End Illegal Fishing

World Fisheries Day is celebrated every November to draw attention to the big business of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. More

A Zimbabean woman walks past a billboard promoting male circumcision to combat AIDS in the capital.(Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters)

Audio Fighting HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe

PEPFAR is committed, globally, to go where the virus is—targeting interventions for populations at greatest risk in areas of greatest HIV incidence. More

U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Benjamin Rhodes with a demining team in Laos.

Audio U.S. and Laos Partners in Demining

With the new contribution of $2.2 million, U.S. will have provided more than $100 million in mine-action and UXO-related assistance to Laos. More

Wind farms like this array of turbines near Tangiers, Morocco, present a renewable energy alternative to traditional sources of electricity in Africa.

Audio Meeting Energy Needs of Growing Populations

The United States has recently committed to providing access to off-grid clean energy products and services to more than 500 million people by 2020. More

More Environment and Health Editorials

Audio U.S. and Sri Lanka Partners in Demining

“The United States is committed to aiding demining efforts across Sri Lanka, whether on land or at sea,” said U.S. Ambassador Atul Keshap.

Audio To Walk the Earth in Safety - Eliminating Landmines

So far, we have invested $2.5 billion into this drive. In addition, every year, the United States Department of State releases To ‘Walk the Earth in Safety’, a report which details the previous year’s efforts to reduce the harmful effects of these remnants of war.

Audio Partnering With Chile Against Tsunamis

As demonstrated by the 8.4 earthquake that generated a 5 meter tsunami in some locations of the Chilean coast on Sept 16, 2015, improved tsunami detection is a mutual interest for both the United States and Chile.

Audio Saving the Lives of Mothers

Saving Mothers, Giving Life is a five-year initiative that seeks to reduce maternal mortality by half.

Audio Taking on Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies

As a commitment to the Call to Action, the United States announced its Safe from the Start Program, an initiative that aims to address and reduce the incidence of gender-based violence in emergencies.

Audio Supporting Sri Lanka's Heritage

The U.S. is providing new grants totaling $300,000 to help preserve artifacts.

Audio Improved Food Security for Ethiopia

Public-private partnership works with Ethiopia to expand wheat flour fortification and more.

Audio For Healthy Oceans, Three Problems to Resolve

The health of our ocean was part of the Sustainable Development Summit at the recently-held 70th session of the UN General Assembly. Members adopted a blueprint that will guide global development over the next 15 years.

Audio Successful U.S.- Uzbek Partnership on HEU

Eighth shipment of highly enriched uranium from Uzbekistan since 2004, marks the removal of all HEU from the country.

Audio Mozambique Now Free of a Deadly Threat

The United States welcomes Mozambique’s recent announcement, that it has completed clearance of all known fields of landmines in the country.

Audio Feeding the Vulnerable in Malawi

The United States’ is donating $15.7 million worth of food commodities to Malawi to assist a portion of the 2.8 million people in need of humanitarian food assistance. U.S. Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer made the announcement in late September.

Audio Disrupting Support for a Drug Cartel

U.S. sanctions five Mexican businesses for support of Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion.

Audio Preserving Nepal's Heritage

The United States will help Nepal restore two historic and cultural treasures. U.S. Ambassador Peter W. Bodde announced, earlier this month, two Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation, or AFCP, awards totaling $320,000.

Audio Working Together, Nations Can Solve Problems

Over seven decades, the United Nations has forged a system of international rules and norms that is better, stronger and more stable than anything that came before it.

Audio President Obama Welcomes Pope Francis

At the White House on September 23, President Barack Obama celebrated the visit to the United States of the first-ever Latin American Pontiff, Argentinian–born Pope Francis.

Audio In Latin America, Fight Against Drugs Continues

Though Bolivia and Venezuela did not make meaningful efforts to meet their obligations to international counter-narcotics agreements over the past year, four Latin American countries made commendable progress.

Audio Burma Drug Curbs Continue to Fall Short

Burma is one of three nations, however, that have demonstrably failed to live up to their international counter-narcotics agreements or cooperate with the U.S. in its fight against illicit drug trafficking.

Audio U.S. Assists Demining in Afghanistan

The United States is committed to working with its Afghan and international partners to rid Afghanistan of the deadly threat of land mines.

Audio Partnering to Treat Disabled in Haiti

Program graduates Haiti's first class of technicians.

Audio Wind Energy for a Cleaner World

The U.S. wind energy industry continued growing at an impressive rate in 2014, further solidifying America’s position as a global leader in wind energy, according to two reports recently released by the U.S. Energy Department.