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Environment and Health

Greenpeace activists stand next to massive letters delivering the message "Time for Change: The Future is Renewable," next to the hummingbird geoglyph in Nazca in Peru. (File)

Audio Climate Change - From Economic Burden To Opportunity

By moving toward a clean energy base, we can create jobs, save lives, reduce damage caused by climate change, and make a profit at the same time, said Secretary Kerry. More

The sun sets off Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii.  The U.S. is committed to continuing to establish new efficiency standards that reduce emissions.

Audio U.S. Action to Cut Carbon Pollution

In support of President Barack Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the U.S. Energy Department recently announced two new energy efficiency standards. More

Dr. Geraldine Richmond with students at the University of Oregon (Courtesy: University of Oregon)

Audio Engaging with Southeast Asia on Science

Dr. Geraldine Richmond, a professor of chemistry at the University of Oregon and an expert on women in science, will travel as a U.S. Science Envoy to Thailand and Vietnam this month. More

Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative Fellows

Audio Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

Young people are instrumental in plotting the course of Southeast Asia’s future. Sign up today to become a leader. More

Energy Secretary Ernesto Moniz with Natural Resources Canada Minister Greg Rickford and Mexican Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell.

Audio Energy for North America and the World

North American Energy Ministers met last month to advance an agenda that expands the region’s leadership in energy, strengthens energy security, and supports shared economic prosperity and environmental performance. More

More Environment and Health Editorials

Audio Supporting Education in Ghana

The U.S. Agency for International Development has awarded its flagship education project in Ghana, Partnership for Education: Learning, to FHI 360, an international human development NGO.

Audio Safe Water for the World's Poor

Law's aims are to ensure water, sanitation and hygiene funding remains a U.S. foreign policy priority.

Audio Fighting Ebola - Still Much to Do

“In Liberia, the outbreak has slowed dramatically ... but the outbreak continues to surge in Sierra Leone."

Audio U.S. Will Accept More Syrian Refugees

The United Nations Refugee Agency calls the crisis in Syria “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era”.

Audio New Free Trade Agreement with EU Will Benefit Georgia

For over a decade, Georgia has worked toward strengthening its ties with the European Union. The country’s government has made it clear that it believes its future lies in the West.

Audio Indian Ocean Tsunami 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, a tremendous earthquake centered just off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra coastline, created an enormous tsunami that spread across the Indian ocean and deluged the coastal communities there.

Audio New Partnership Will Take On Multi-Drug-Resistant TB

One of the most serious threats to public health today is anti-microbial resistance, or the ability of disease-causing micro-organisms to develop immunity to medications that are designed to kill them.

Audio To Walk the Earth in Safety

The United States has been a leading contributor to the international demining efforts, providing more than $2.3 billion in assistance to over 90 countries in order to deal with this.

Audio Doubling Down To Defeat HIV/AIDS

Much has changed in the three decades since HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was identified.

Audio Bringing Electricity to Africa's Underserved

Lack of inexpensive, reliable energy delivery is one of the chief obstacles to growth and development in much of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Audio 2014 Ace Awards

U.S. honors U.S.-owned businesses that undertake responsible activities to improve lives and advance the needs of local communities around the world.

Audio Seeking More Protection for Fresh Water Turtles

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced a proposed rule to address the growing illegal trade in native turtles that may threaten their survival as species.

Audio Investment in Young People Defines Future

Reproductive health services help young people preserve their options, pursue future goals and even save their own lives.

Audio Kerry on APEC

U.S. is committed to working with APEC partners to build a stable regional economic order.

Audio U.S. - China Climate Change Announcement

U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have made an ambitious announcement to fight climate change, with both countries setting significant goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Audio World Leaders Step Up the Fight Against Ebola

Heads of state said they were committed to do what is necessary to ensure a coordinated international effort to stem the outbreak and address its medium-term economic and humanitarian costs.

Audio Preserving Uzbekistan's Cultural Heritage

The U.S. Embassy supports exhibition of restored archaeological artifacts.

Audio Global Effort Needed to Prevent Climate Change

According to the recent synthesis report of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, our planet is in deep trouble.

Audio Travel Ban is No Answer in Ebola Crisis

Amid concern by many in the United States over the possible spread of Ebola fever, government officials have begun limiting flights carrying passengers from three West African nations to arrival at five U.S. airports.

Audio Confronting Ebola a Top U.S. Priority

The U.S. is actively engaged in fighting the Ebola outbreak. It has deployed more than 750 U.S. government personnel to West Africa, making this the largest-ever U.S. response to a global health crisis.