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Environment and Health

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, left, claps after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry signs the Paris Agreement on climate change with his granddaughter Isabelle Dobbs Higginson, Friday, April 22, 2016 at U.N. headquarters. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Audio A Turning Point in the Fight Against Climate Change

On April 22, a signing ceremony took place at the United Nations in New York. Over 170 Parties, including the United States, signed the Agreement and over a dozen have already joined. More

Two boats lie on cracked ground in a dry area in Ca Mau province, Vietnam, 18 April 2016.

Audio U.S. Drought Assistance to Vietnam

USAID to provide humanitarian assistance for crisis. More

FILE - Students hold out their plates as the school cook ladles out a bulgur wheat and bean dish at a public school in Bombardopolis, Haiti. The WFP says 3.6 million Haitians face food insecurity.

Audio U.S. Drought Assistance to Haiti

In April, the United States Embassy to Haiti announced more funding for the ongoing needs of Haitian households suffering from the effects of the El Niño-induced drought, bringing U.S. contributions to $21.9 million USD over the last six months. More

A child sick with malaria and from malnutrition lies on a bed in a hospital in Bor, South Sudan, March 15, 2014.

Audio Malaria Day 2016

On April 25th we observe World Malaria day, in hopes of highlighting the global effort to effectively control, and eventually wipe out this terrible disease. More

A boy helps to plant trees in Ethiopia.

Audio Earth Day 2016

This year’s theme is “Trees for the Earth.” More

More Environment and Health Editorials

Audio U.S. and Tajikistan Uniting to Fight Tuberculosis

The program, with an anticipated budget of $13.2 million over five years, is another example of U.S. government assistance to improve the health of Tajik citizens.

Audio Removing Mines Critical for Normalization

As conflicts end, and as occupation forces are pushed out of territories they once controlled, they leave in their wake, towns and fields contaminated with land-mines and unexploded ordnance.

Audio U.S. Wants Nigeria to Succeed

Nigeria is a diverse country with a large and assertive civil society, a rich culture and huge potential.

Audio Low Energy Costs for Kyrgz Homeowners

UNISON’s five-month campaign, supported by the United States through USAID, conducted 575 workshops across the country, teaching over 25,000 households low-cost techniques to lower their electricity and heating bills.

Audio Boosting Ethiopia's Water Resources

USAID Lowland WASH is a new water and sanitation program in Ethiopia.

Audio India and America Friendship

2015 was a very strong year in U.S.-India relations.

Audio World Tuberculosis Day 2016

The United States is committed to fighting Tuberculosis. In focusing our efforts in countries where the burden of TB is highest, we support programs that save lives and foster a more secure world.

Audio World Water Day 2016

To focus attention on the importance of clean water and to advocate for the sustainable management of fresh water resources, on March 22nd of every year we observe International World Water Day.

Audio U.S., South Korea Cooperate on Nuclear Energy

The first meeting of a High-Level Bilateral Commission will take place in Seoul next month.

Audio Turning the Corner on Wildlife Trafficking

These crimes are not committed by small-time poachers, but by well-equipped, well-organized, global criminal networks, and they are aided by a web of corrupt and criminal facilitators.

Audio Helping to Mitigate Ethiopia's Drought

The periodic warming of sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, known as El Nino, causes weather and short-term climate changes in other parts of the globe.

Audio U.S. - Pakistan Strategic Dialogue

The United States and Pakistan continue to share a fundamental desire for stability, peace, and regional and global economic development.

Audio Continuing the Fight Against Malaria

Since the launching of the President’s Malaria Initiative, overall mortality rates among children under five years of age have significantly decreased in the target countries.

Audio U.S. - China Relations

“We are two powerful nations, the two largest economies today,” said Secretary Kerry, “and we have an ability, therefore to be able to make good things happen when we decide to.”

Audio Partnering With Pakistan to Support Energy Development

The U.S. is working with Pakistan to support energy development

Audio U.S. Demining Efforts in Colombia

As part of a plan to bring a just and lasting peace to Colombia in the wake of more than fifty years of violence, the United States is co-leading with Norway the Global Demining Initiative for Colombia.

Audio Poverty and Climate Change

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, because it affects nearly every aspect of human lives.

Audio Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

The United States joins the international community in expressing zero tolerance for female genital mutilation/cutting.

Audio Helping the Displaced in Pakistan

The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, recently contributed $20 million to support the provision of food to approximately 1.2 million temporary displaced persons.

Audio Immunization in Nigeria

“Under this partnership, we are helping Sokoto State to increase and sustain high immunization coverage."