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Environment and Health

FILE - A farmer plows the field in Saulawa village, on the outskirts of Nigeria's north-central state of Kaduna.

Audio Aiding Africa Through Climate-Smart Farming

International alliance will include governments, farm groups, civil society organizations, research bodies, businesses and United Nations agencies. More

Mina, 8, center, follows her new husband as she visits a temple with Sukhram, 22, right, and his family members. (file)

Audio More U.S. Resources To Child Marriage Prevention

USAID commits an additional $4.8 million to fund programs in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Tanzania, and Yemen to end child, early, and forced marriage. More

Commercial fishermen, mariners form "SOS" to spread message of saving oceans, Homer, Alaska. (File)

Audio Our Common Responsibility To Protect The Ocean

Today, some 12 percent of the global population makes its livelihood from the sea. And therein lies the problem: we humans are killing the ocean. More

A doctor (left) and a nurse discuss the condition of a patient infected with both HIV and tuberculosis in a hospital in South Africa .

Audio U.S. Helps Boost Medical Education in Africa

The U.S. government is assisting the international response to the outbreak with financial aid and medical expertise, but there is no substitute for trained local healthcare professionals. More

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, center, speaks during the 7th Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) ministerial meeting in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014. Already scrambling to confront multiple simultaneous international crises, the Obama adminis

Audio Kerry on the Lower Mekong Initiative

In Secretary Kerry’s travels on the Mekong Delta, he noted the communities are as connected to the river as they have ever been. More

More Environment and Health Editorials

Audio Global Resilience Partnership Will Fight Hunger

USAID, is partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation to form the Global Resilience Partnership, a public-private initiative to build local resilience to chronic shocks and stresses.

Audio Efforts to Protect Syria's Cultural Heritage

Conflict in Syria has led not only to devastating humanitarian crisis, but has also had a devastating impact on the country’s historical landmarks.

Audio Climate Change Creates Security Risks

There is little doubt in the minds of the U.S. military and intelligence community that climate change can accelerate instability and serve as a catalyst for conflict.

Audio U.S. Efforts to Eradicate FGM

The United States is committed to eradicating the harmful practice known as Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, or FGM/C.

Audio U.S. - China Climate Change Working Group

The Climate Change Working Group is working to catalyze cooperative efforts by the United States and China to address climate change in key sectors across both economies.

Audio U.S. Fully Engaged in Africa's Fight Against Ebola

With nations in West Africa facing the biggest and most complex outbreak of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in history, the United States is stepping up assistance to confront the disease.

Audio Summit Demonstrates U.S. Commitment to Africa

The leaders of some 50 African nations are gathering here in Washington to meet with U.S. government, business and civil society leaders to discuss trade and investment, peace and regional stability, and governing for the next generation.

Audio Famine Looms In South Sudan

South Sudan is experiencing the world’s worst food security crisis, one not caused by drought or flood, but by man-made conflict.

Audio Pursuing Energy Security in Ukraine, Europe

Supply diversification is critical to mitigating the impact of such a cut off. That’s why the U.S. supports the building of new liquefied natural gas terminals.

Audio Peace Talks Must Resume in South Sudan

New attacks, famine highlight urgent need.

Audio USAID's Biodiversity Policy

Agency will focus investment in specific crucial geographic areas, while continuing to use the best science available.

Audio Maternal And Child Survival - Acting on the Call

Our combined efforts have not been in vain: between 1990 and 2012, child deaths have decreased by half.

Audio South China Sea a Complex Situation

“Everyone inside and outside the region stands to lose if rules are devalued, dialogue breaks down, misreadings and misinterpretations multiply, and tensions spiral.”

Audio Prioritizing Gender Equality

The United States has worked with partners all over the world to increase women’s participation in civil society and in local and national governments.

Audio Educating Girls for the Benefit of All

Every year of schooling can increase a girl’s future earning potential by 10 to 20 percent. She will share 90 percent of her earnings with her family and her community.

Audio UXO Assistance To Laos

Unexploded ordnance, the remains of decades of armed conflict, continues to pose a threat to the people of Laos.

Audio Policy and Programs On Global Women's Issues

Women are critical to every issue we face, including security, health, governance, and the economy.

Audio Oceans Protection A Global Security Issue

Protecting the oceans requires that people better understand what can be lost.

Audio Cooperating With Cuba On Marine Conservation

The marine ecosystem in Cuba is vital for U.S. interests for its fish stocks and migratory species, and provides a valuable resource for scientists.

Audio Sustainability And Security Of The Space Environment

We are more knowledgeable, more connected, safer, and more secure, due to our uses of outer space.