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Human Rights

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, right, talks with civil rights leaders in his White House office in Washington, D.C., Jan. 18, 1964.  The black leaders, from left, are, Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); James Farmer, national director of the Committee on Racial Equality; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and Whitney Young, executive director of the Urban League.  (AP Photo)

Audio Civil Rights Act at 50

The Civil Rights Act, for the first time ever, explicitly prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender or national origin. More

Chinese rights advocate Xu Zhiyong speaks during a meeting in Beijing in this handout photo dated March 30, 2013. Through his online essays and Twitter account, Xu criticised the government's efforts at fighting corruption and prescribed democracy and the

Audio Xu Zhiyong Conviction Upheld

A Chinese court has upheld a four-year prison sentence for Xu Zhiyong, a prominent legal scholar in China. The United States is deeply disappointed by the court's decision. More

Displaced children in the parish of Begoua, outside of Bangui, Central African Republic, April 4, 2014, Photo Bagassi Koura, VOA.

Audio U.S. Promotes Interreligious Cooperation In the C.A.R.

U.S. sends delegation of religious leaders to Central African Republic. More

Voice of America's satellite dishes in Washington, D.C.

Audio Russia's Shrinking Free Media Environment

The Russian government continues to cut the Russian people off from independent voices and from media perspectives that differ from the state’s controlled narratives. More

Genocide survivors joined with U.S. and Rwandan officials, academics, human rights activists and performers to reflect on the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago.

Audio U.S. Honors Genocide Victims And Survivors

Americans on April 7th joined people around the world as they paused to mark the 20 years since the start of the genocide in Rwanda that took the lives of more than 800,000 men, women and children. More

More Human Rights Editorials

Audio An Advocate For The Syrian People Slain

Jesuit priest Frans van der Lugt was shot to death in Homs on April 7.

Audio Many Successes at HRC 2014

U.S. leadership at the 25th United Nations Human Rights Council, or HRC, helped to keep the Council at the forefront of efforts to promote and protect human rights.

Audio United Nations Human Rights Council On North Korea

The United Nations Human Rights Council sent a clear message that North Korea’s leadership must be held to account for its systematic and widespread human rights violations.

Audio Mandate For Special Rapporteur For Iran Renewed

As the Special Rapporteur’s March 13 report indicates, while there has been some welcome change in rhetoric from the Iranian government, there has been no significant improvement in Iran’s overall human rights situation.

Audio In Support Of Moldova

We see a future for Moldova where it has equally strong relations with Europe, with Ukraine, with Russia and where in fact it is a bridge of trade and commerce and education and strength across this space.

Audio Syria's Chemical Weapons-One Half Gone

The removal of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile had reached a half-way point: to date, many tons of chemicals have been removed, including Syria’s entire stockpile of sulfur mustard gas.

Audio NATO And Crisis In Ukraine

In order to support Ukraine economically during this crisis, NATO allies have pledged their support.

Audio 2013 Human Rights Report On Vietnam

The Human Rights Report also highlighted positive developments.

Audio 2013 Human Rights Report On China

Individuals and groups seen as politically sensitive by authorities continued to face tight restrictions on their freedom to assemble, practice religion, and travel.

Audio Global Nuclear Security

The best way to prevent terrorists from acquiring a nuclear weapon is to prevent them from accessing the nuclear material needed to build one.

Audio New Initiative Addressing Gender Based Violence

The Gender-Based Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative helps provide immediate financial assistance for survivors of severe gender-based violence.

Audio UN Mission Critical For Peace In South Sudan

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan – known as UNMISS - protects civilians and makes it possible for humanitarian aid to reach those in need.

Audio No New Day As Yet For Women In Iran

So far, a new day has not dawned for the women of Iran, who have long been at the frontlines of efforts to secure peaceful political and legal reform in their country.

Audio Death Of A Chinese Dissident

According to reports, Chinese dissident Cao Shunli died in a Chinese hospital after being denied medical treatment for several months.

Audio The Shrinking Space For Civil Society

History and current events demonstrate that nations that respect the rights of all their populations are more just, prosperous and secure.

Audio Syrian Embassy In U.S. Shuttered

Administrative staff will have until April 30th to appropriately shutter the mission before they must depart.

Audio Women, Youth, And Civil Society

Women, youth, and civil society are fundamental to the post-2015 development agenda at the United Nations.

Audio Saving A Generation Of Children

One of the greatest crimes perpetrated by the Assad regime against the people of Syria is the damage it has inflicted on children.

Audio Women's Participation A Must

United States recognizes the importance of women’s empowerment and progress toward gender equality around the world.

Audio On Protecting Human Rights Of Migrants

"We stress that all states — whether they are countries of origin, transit, or destination — must protect the human rights of migrants in their territories.”