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Human Rights

A general view shows a church in the Assyrian village of Abu Tina, which was recently captured by Islamic State fighters, Feb. 25, 2015.

Audio Mass Abduction of Christians in Syria

The United States demands the immediate and unconditional release of the civilians taken captive and of all those held by ISIL. More

A Cameroonian soldier guards at an observation post on a hill in the Mandara Mountain chain in Mabass overlooking Nigeria, northern Cameroon, February 16, 2015. Boko Haram militants kidnapped some 80 people from the village on January 18, according to the

Audio Aiding the Fight Against Boko Haram

We are fully committed to helping the security forces defend their national territories. More

Syrian refugees brave the cold and snow as they walk to a metro station in Istanbul February 11, 2015, at the start of a day's begging. The civil war, which began as a popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in March 2011, has killed 200,000 pe

Audio More Aid Needed for Syrian Refugees

“The United States plans to substantially increase its financial commitment to the Syrian humanitarian response,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary Clements, “and we call on other governments to do the same.” More

FILE - A South Korean farmer looks at packs of rice for North Korea being loaded onto a ship at Incheon port in Incheon, South Korea.

Audio Creating Lasting Impact in North Korea

The U.S. believes direct people-to-people contact, which occurs through the provision of humanitarian aid, can have a positive long term impact on advancing change in the country. More

Children walk on the debris of a damaged building at al-Myassar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, Feb. 16, 2015.

Audio Supporting the Syrian People

The Syrian people deserve justice, the ability to freely choose their government and relief from the Assad regime’s barrel bombs and other horrific abuses. More

More Human Rights Editorials

Audio A New Atrocity by ISIL

The United States condemned the “despicable and cowardly murder” of twenty-one Christian Egyptians.

Audio Action Needed to Protect Civilians in Conflict

Efforts to silence people like Salwa Bugaighis and Razan Zetouneh “are efforts to silence hope, curtail progress, impede justice, and infringe on the dignity of women.

Audio Creating Lasting Impact in North Korea

The U.S. seeks to alleviate the humanitarian problems in North Korea and to end the egregious human rights violations occurring in the country.

Audio Biden on Ukraine

In the face of Russian actions, the U.S. and its allies remain resolute.

Audio Anti-Semitism Condemned

Anti-Semitism is not only a European problem, but a global problem

Audio Freedom Of The Press Under Siege

The terror attack in Paris targeting the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and the beheadings of journalists by ISIL are horrific examples of the extreme dangers faced by journalists today.

Audio More Barbarity From ISIL

"It is…as it has been described in some cases, a death cult or an entirely backward-looking fantasy that can't function in the world."

Audio U.S. Again Calls on Russia to Release Ukrainian Prisoner

The United States has again called on Russia to release imprisoned Ukrainian parliamentarian Nadiya Savchenko.

Audio On Atrocity Documentation in Syria

Civilians continue to suffer from the violence and destruction that devastated the country.

Audio North Korea Must be Held to Account for Abuses

"The world will not, and cannot, close its eyes"

Audio U.S. Condemns Russian-Backed Separatist Attack

The United States condemns in the strongest terms the horrific assault on Mariupol, by Russian-backed separatists.

Audio International Holocaust Remembrance Day

It is up to us now to never again allow hatred and intolerance to drown out our humanity and respect for the lives of others.

Audio LRA Leader to Face Trial for His Crimes

The United States welcomes Dominic Ongwen’s transfer to the International Criminal Court as an important step toward justice for victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Audio Slavery Protesters Convicted in Mauritania

We urge the appellate court to review both the convictions and the sentencing without delay.

Audio Ukrainian Prisoners in Russia Should be Released

“We reiterate our condemnation of Russia’s continued detention of Ukrainian hostages inside Russia, including a Ukrainian member of Parliament, Nadiya Savchenko, and film producer Oleg Sentsov.”

Audio Promoting Labor Rights in Peru and the Philippines

Workers in Peru and the Philippines will have enhanced protection through a partnership with the United States.

Audio Terrorists Strike in Paris

“The values that we share with the French people, a belief, a universal belief in freedom of expression, is something that can’t be silenced because of the senseless violence of the few.”

Audio Shining The Spotlight On Modern-Day Slavery

The International Labor Organization or ILO estimates that about 21 million people around the world are kept in slavery by those who shamelessly profit from exploiting men, women and children for labor and sex.

Audio United Nations Focuses on North Korea

The United Nations General Assembly recently passed a resolution condemning the regime’s “widespread and gross violations of human rights”.

Audio Fifth Anniversary of Liu Xiaobo's Conviction

“The United States remains deeply concerned that China continues to incarcerate Liu Xiaobo and hold his wife, Liu Xia, in extralegal house arrest."