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Human Rights

Yezidi refugees

Audio ISIL Makes Life Hell for Women and Girls

ISIL makes life hell for women and girls throughout Iraq, said U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Catherine Russell. More

Rohingya migrants pass food supplies dropped by a Thai army helicopter to others aboard a boat drifting in Thai waters off the southern island of Koh Lipe in the Andaman sea on May 14, 2015.

Audio Ending the Smuggling of Migrants

There is strong linkage between poverty, security and crime. More

Southeast Asian leaders at ASEAN Summit

Audio Strengthening Ties With Southeast Asia

The United States is a Pacific nation, and as such has an enormous stake in the people and the future of Southeast Asia. More

FILE - A baby sits next to her mother at a refugee camps in Laiza, an area controlled by the Kachin in northern Burma.

Audio Burma's Parliament Passes Population Control Law

Bill contains provisions that could undermine reproductive rights, women’s rights and religious freedom. More

FILE - A Saudi woman explores a website on her tablet in Riyadh.

Audio The Internet Must Be Open and Secure

The United States considers the promotion of an open and secure Internet to be a critical component of its foreign policy. More

More Human Rights Editorials

Audio Regional Response Needed for Rohingya Migrants

The United States urges all the countries of the region to work together quickly to save the lives of the migrants now at sea who are in need of an immediate rescue effort.

China Must Release Activist

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the detention of prominent Chinese defense attorney Pu Zhiqiang.

Audio A Reported New Cyberweapon for China

The U.S. is committed to protecting the internet as an open platform.

Audio Firsthand Accounts of North Korean Abuses

Three brave human rights abuse victims -- Joseph Kim, Jay Jo and Kim Hye-sook -- shared their harrowing stories of starvation, imprisonment, torture, and dangerous escapes from North Korea.

Audio Free Speech in Mongolia

Over the last 25 years, Mongolia has enacted reforms protecting human rights.

Audio Release Imprisoned Syrian Journalists

The U.S. calls for the immediate release of Mazen Darwish, Hani Zitani, and Hussein Ghareer.

Audio World Press Freedom Day 2015

A free and democratic society cannot exist without a free and independent press.

Audio DRC Political Crackdown Threatens Constitutional Rights

As many as 40 activists, musicians and journalists were arrested in the capital Kinshasa on March 15.

Audio China Should Release Gao Yu

Gao Yu, a 71-year-old Chinese journalist, was sentenced to seven years in prison after a court in Beijing found her guilty of leaking state secrets abroad.

Audio Uzbek Elections Less Than Free and Fair

The March 29th Uzbek presidential election was less than free and fair, according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, or OSCE, observer mission.

Audio Malinowski on Women and Post-Conflict Resolution

Women are critical to the reconciliation process, since you cannot build peace with only half a nation’s voices at the table.

Audio In Support of Civil Society

“Civil society is the conscience of our countries. It’s the catalyst of change. It’s why strong nations don’t fear active citizens.”

Audio Obama at Summit of the Americas

At his first Summit of the Americas in 2009, President Barack Obama promised a new chapter of engagement in Latin America based on equal partnerships to address shared challenges.

Audio A Dangerous Education

Abduction highlighted the sad fact that in far too many places, being a school girl is dangerous business.

Audio Children and Armed Conflicts

"We must ensure that national armed forces do not unlawfully recruit and use children,” said U.S. Alternate Representative to the United Nations for Special Political Affairs Ambassador David Pressman.

Audio Relief Workers Killed in Syria, Yemen, Mali

In recent weeks there have been numerous deadly attacks against Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement aid workers in Syria, Yemen, and Mali.

Audio U.S. Concerned Over Uzbek Activist

The United States is concerned about Uzbek human rights activist Alikul Sarymsakov.

Audio End the Suffering of Yarmouk

The United States calls on all parties to lift their siege of Yarmouk and allow for the safe evacuation of civilians in compliance with international law.

Audio Ethnic, Religious Minorities Under Attack in Mideast

ISIL or DAESH is waging a deadly campaign to eradicate all ethnic and religious groups that do not share its gross distortion of Islam, or their cultural ideals.

Audio Moving Forward Together in the Americas

Discussions between leaders meeting April 10 and 11 in Panama City will be more than about issues of diplomatic import, but also of practical matters that affect the people of the hemisphere in tangible ways in their day-to-day lives.