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Security and Defense

Deputy Secretary Antony Blinken (center) delivers remarks during the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS).

Audio A New Chapter for the OAS

“We remain committed to those bedrock principles and ideals of democracy, security, and development for all of our citizens.” More

Lawmakers leave the main hall after a suicide attack in front of the main gate of Parliament, Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, June 22, 2015. (Dr. Naqibullah Faiq via AP)

Another Senseless Attack by the Taliban

"Targeting innocent people in the holy month of Ramadan is a clear act of hostility against the religion of Islam." More

Destruction in Kobani after five moths of ISIL attacks (VOA Kurdish / Mahmoud Bali)

Audio Global Terrorism Overview 2014

“Weak or failed governance continued to provide an enabling environment for the emergence of extremist radicalism and violence, notably in Yemen, in Syria, Libya, Nigeria, and Iraq.” More

This image from a video posted April 3, 2015, on a website frequently used by Islamic State shows a militant hammering at a face on a wall in Iraq's ancient city of Hatra.

Audio ISIL Destroying World Heritage

ISIL has been engaged in the destruction and theft of some of the world’s most important heritage sites and antiquities, dating back thousands of years. More

Security officers stand at the site of a suicide bombing in Ndjamena, Chad, June 15, 2015.

Audio Preventing Violent Extremism

The growth of violent extremism over the last decade is a dangerous and destabilizing phenomenon. More

More Security and Defense Editorials

Audio Staying the Course Against ISIL

The fight against ISIL will be long, but if the coalition remains united, determined, and focused, it will ultimately succeed.

Audio More Training and Equipment to Counter ISIL

In Iraq, the U.S.-led Global Coalition to Counter-ISIL has seen significant successes in pushing the brutal extremist group out of regions it had occupied.

Audio Stopping Foreign Terrorist Fighters

Stopping the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters is a key concern for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL.

Audio Jeh Johnson at U.N. Counter Terrorism Committee

The U.S. and its allies are making progress in the fight against foreign terrorist fighters, but more needs to be done.

Audio The Arusha Agreement Must be Respected

The United States again calls on President Pierre Nkunrunziza to respect the term limit provision of the Arusha Agreement in order to restore stability and help his country heal after weeks of violence.

Audio Civilians Suffering Most in New South Sudan Fighting

Renewed fighting in South Sudan has forced thousands to flee their homes in recent days. Some 650,000 civilians reportedly are without access to aid.

Audio ISIL Makes Life Hell for Women and Girls

ISIL makes life hell for women and girls throughout Iraq, said U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Catherine Russell.

Audio Algiers Accord a Hopeful Step Toward Peace in Mali

Political separatists have signed a preliminary peace agreement with the government of Mali, a hopeful step toward ending decades of fighting in the troubled West African nation.

Audio Memorial Day

Like many nations, the United States pauses each year to honor those who died in its defense through military service.

Audio The Internet Must Be Open and Secure

The United States considers the promotion of an open and secure Internet to be a critical component of its foreign policy.

Audio A Successful Summit

President Obama reaffirmed the U.S.’s “iron-clad commitment to the security of our Gulf partners.”

Audio Deal to Disarm Raises Hope in C.A.R.

Rival militant groups in the Central African Republic have agreed on an accord that requires them to disarm, raising hopes of finally restoring peace and bringing reconciliation to the troubled nation.

Audio Burundi Political Crisis Takes a Violent Turn

We urge all stakeholders to take the steps necessary to create the conditions required for peaceful, timely, credible and transparent elections.

Audio Three Hezbollah Operatives Designated Terrorists

The organizers of the Burgas attack were identified as Meliad Farah, also known as Hussein Hussein, and Hassan el-Hajj Hassan.

Audio Renewed Violence Threatens Mali Peace Process

Violence continues to flare in areas of northern Mali despite concerted efforts to end years of insurgency with a negotiated peace.

Audio Unity Will Defeat Terrorism in East Africa

The area’s peace and stability are vital to the security of all of Africa, and for the United States, too.

Audio Toward a World Without Nuclear Weapons

“Can we really create a future in which nuclear weapons exist only within the pages of history books? The answer is yes.”

Audio New U.S.-Japan Security Agreement

The United States and Japan stand together in calling for disputes in the region to be resolved peacefully.

Audio DRC Political Crackdown Threatens Constitutional Rights

As many as 40 activists, musicians and journalists were arrested in the capital Kinshasa on March 15.

Audio Moving Ahead on Missile Defense

The United States and NATO remain committed to establishing a more capable ballistic missile defense to protect Europe from the threat posed by ballistic missiles from the Middle East.