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Assisting Chad's Fight Against Terror

Chadian women walk past destroyed homes, in the Lake Chad shore village following a scorched-earth attack by Boko Haram militants.

Eighty-six new U.S. trucks will increase Chad's counter-terrorism units’ ability to patrol the borders with Libya and protect against the threat of smuggled weapons and explosives.

Assisting Chad's Fight Against Terror
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At a ceremony in Amsinéné, Chad, earlier this month, at the headquarters of the Chadian Special Anti-Terrorism Group, or SATG, the United States transferred 86 new vehicles to these Chadian Special Forces. U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Joyce Namde and Chadian Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Brahim Seid Mahamat conducted the formal vehicle handover ceremony.

The vehicles are intended to provide transportation for two counter-terrorism companies and one logistics company. These trucks will increase the counter-terrorism units’ ability to patrol Chad’s borders with Libya and protect against the threat of smuggled weapons and explosives. The logistics company received fuel and water trucks and other transportation vehicles that will improve the SATG’s ability to re-supply the counter-terrorism companies.

Ms. Namde noted the strong relationship that the U.S. Special Forces have had with SATG over the past ten years. She recognized Chad’s “strong dedication” to the fight against extremists and the “bravery and expertise” of Chadian troops on the battlefield, and expressed hope that the new vehicles will improve Chad’s ability to conduct counter-terrorism missions.

The new SATG vehicles are just one example of the strong partnership between the militaries of Chad and the United States. Later this month, Chad will receive its final shipment of Toyota Light Armored Vehicles for Counter Boko Haram Operations, bringing the total to 60. The United States will also provide uniforms and individual food rations to Chad’s military in advance of the upcoming FLINTLOCK exercise.

FLINTLOCK is an annual regional exercise among African, allied and U.S. counterterrorism forces, and has taken place since 2005.

Flintlock is directed by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and sponsored by U.S. Africa Command.

Special Operations Command Forward - Northwest Africa conducts the Special Operations Forces exercise.

Occurring in nations across the Sahel region of Africa, the exercise develops capacity and collaboration among African security forces to protect civilian populations. FLINTLOCK participation has included ground and air forces from over 16 countries across a broad spectrum of operations.The United States is proud to work with Chad and its African partners to help those nations protect their peoples from the dangers of violent extremism.