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Helping Children Avoid Stress

Refugee children copy notes from a chalkboard during an open-air English lesson under a tree at the Yida camp in South Sudan's Unity State, April 20, 2013.

The stress of relocation is especially hard on children.

Leaving your home in an emergency can be very disruptive, both emotionally and physically.

Helping Children Avoid Stress
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The stress of relocation is especially hard on children, who naturally look to adults for answers to the new uncertainties in their lives. So if your family is in this situation, reassure your children that they are safe and that you will protect them. Let them talk about their feelings and establish a new routine for eating and bedtime. Playtime is important too. All these things can help a displaced child feel a bit better, knowing that the family will be able to one day regain control and get on with their lives.