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U.S. and EU Support Democratic Future for Armenia

Belgium EU US Armenia
Belgium EU US Armenia
U.S. and EU Support Democratic Future for Armenia
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On a recent visit to Brussels, Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed “transatlantic support for a democratic, prosperous future for the Armenian people – and a more integrated and a more peaceful South Caucasus region.”

“We share the Armenian peoples’ vision for the future. We want Armenia to take its place as a strong, independent nation at peace with its neighbors, connected to the region and the world. The United States and the European Union both want to be partners in this effort.”

The United States is investing in the Armenian government’s political and economic reform program, said Secretary Blinken:

“We plan to provide over $65 million in assistance from our FY23 budget funds. That’s up more than 50 percent from two years ago. We’re committed to further growing our support for Armenia’s democratic and economic resilience, with investments for food security, digital infrastructure, diversification of energy, diversification of trade partners, and other priorities that the prime minister has set.

The United States is also committed to Armenia’s safe, reliable, and secure energy future and is working to support energy diversification and explore the feasibility of new civil nuclear power options.

The U.S. remains aware of the ongoing need to support the 100,000 ethnic Armenians displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh last September after Azerbaijan initiated a military offensive against the breakaway region, said Secretary Blinken:

“This is central to Armenia’s long-term stability and prosperity, as well as its regional security. And we’re supporting efforts to integrate people into the economy, into society, including via access to housing, jobs, education.”

For Armenia, regional integration is a key to security and to prosperity, said Secretary Blinken. The U.S. supports Armenia’s Crossroads of Peace proposal aimed at bringing about a more integrated South Caucasus through new transportation routes, energy cooperation, and telecommunications. This will promote diversified economies, expanded opportunity, and it will bolster peace and reconciliation efforts.

“There is a powerful future with a region that is increasingly integrated, that will benefit people in every connected country,” said Secretary Blinken. The United States and the European Union want to help Armenia build that.