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Clean Water For Africa

Emily Ntake pumps water in South Africa's Makause community.
Emily Ntake pumps water in South Africa's Makause community.

At a World Water Week event in Sweden, the USAID and the Coca-Cola Company, announced support for new programs to provide clean water in Africa.

At a World Water Week event in Stockholm, Sweden September 3, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Coca-Cola Company, announced support for new programs to provide clean water and sanitation services in Africa.

The support, under their Water and Development Alliance (WADA), will provide more than 190,000 people with improved clean water or improved sanitation services — or both — by the end of 2015.

As part of a first wave of new investments, WADA will support integrated approaches to clean water and sanitation service delivery in Africa, where more than 300 million people are without a clean water source and 630 million lack sanitation facilities.
WADA will support the development of infrastructure for clean water, sanitation and hygiene education for schools, clean water kiosks for communities and the installation of sanitation infrastructure in schools and health clinics."

In Nigeria, WADA will support the installation of hand-pump boreholes, improved sanitation facilities, hand-washing stations and rain harvesters at schools and health care facilities. Communities will also be trained in the long-term maintenance of infrastructure, and water management committees will be offered capacity building services.

In Zambia, the project will provide sanitation facilities and hygiene education to schools in Lusaka, benefiting up to 50,000 schoolchildren. The project includes resource mobilization strategies to support the long-term operations and maintenance of the schools’ water, sanitation and hygiene programs. It is also expected to provide sustainable clean water access for up to 44,000 people through community water kiosks and a distribution network.

In Ghana, more than 35,000 people will benefit from the construction of clean water kiosks and sanitation services, to include the provision of total sanitation marketing campaigns.

WADA has already benefited more than 374,000 people with improved water access in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Lives have been improved through sanitation, watershed restoration, sustainable agriculture, conservation and other activities.

“This important public-private partnership builds on our agency’s new and first-ever Water and Development Strategy to improve health and food security across the world,” said USAID’s administrator, Dr. Rajiv Shah. “Its programs represent the next generation of this vital alliance — helping families lift themselves out of poverty and communities onto a path towards sustainable development.”