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Combatting Plague in Madagascar

USAID combatting plague in Madagascar
USAID combatting plague in Madagascar

One million dollars in emergency assistance will support the government of Madagascar’s efforts to manage the plague outbreak.

U.S. Ambassador to Madagascar Robert Yamate and USAID Madagascar Mission Director Michele Godette have announced the award of an additional emergency assistance of one million dollars to support the government of Madagascar’s efforts to manage the plague outbreak. While the rate of new plague cases appears to be slowing down, the situation remains tenuous. The U.S. government continues to support the Ministry of Public Health and other development partners in responding to the outbreak.

With these additional funds, the U.S. Government, through USAID, will expand the efforts of the two community health activities – USAID Mikolo and Mahefa Miaraka – in their 15 regions, to strengthen community surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of plague cases by adding over 15,000 community health volunteers.

The Institut Pasteur de Madagascar will receive additional funding to immediately recruit laboratory personnel and procure equipment to help accelerate the confirmation of suspected plague cases. The U.S. Government also provides additional resources to support the training of health workers in infection disease prevention and control activities and for infectious disease experts to provide assistance on independent port of entry assessment. Two additional cargo shipments of personal protective equipment from the United States have been sent to Madagascar.

Ambassador Yamate recalled that the U.S. government is leading the community response with the already deployed mobile clinics, the recruitment and training of hygienists and other health workers, as well as the support to investigative teams and the supply of commodities and warehouse space.

Ten technical experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have also been working closely with the health team from the Ministry of Health. The U.S. Government has provided a total of $1.5 million in plague response assistance amounting to date.

A disease outbreak anywhere constitutes a threat everywhere. The United States is proud to work in partnership with the government of Madagascar to help protect the people of Madagascar and the region from the deadly threat of plague.