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Rice on National Security Strategy

Obama National Security Strategy

Strategy is guided by four enduring national interests: security, prosperity, values, and a rules-based international order.

“American leadership remains essential not only to tackling today’s threats but also to addressing the global challenges that will define the nature of security for our children and grandchildren,” said U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

Rice on National Security Strategy
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“Our [2015] strategy is guided by the same four enduring national interests we laid out in the 2010 National Security Strategy – security, prosperity, values, and a rules-based international order,” Ms. Rice said, indicating that the strategy aims to strengthen the foundations of America’s political, economic, and military powers, “so that we can surmount the challenges of today and capture the opportunities of tomorrow.”

Ms. Rice outlined the four ways in which the 2015 National Security Strategy advances the core interests of the United States.

The first “builds on a more secure homeland and a national defense that is second to none,” with a dynamic global security posture in which “we employ our unique capabilities, forge diverse coalitions, and support local partners,” to counter terrorism, enhance cyber-security, and address the dangers of nuclear proliferation, pandemic diseases, and climate change.

The second is to “expand prosperity by using our renewed economic strength -- our resurgent economy and improved energy security -- to bolster the global financial system, advance an open international economic order, and reduce inequality and poverty.”

The third is “to defend democracy and human rights, combat corruption, promote open government, and stand with civil society,” she said. “We do so by living our values at home, growing the ranks of capable democratic states, and defending universal rights.”

The fourth is to leverage “American leadership to uphold the liberal international order, which has served the world well for 70 years, by reinforcing rules-of-the road and strengthening and diversifying our alliances and partnerships in every region of the world.”

“Our unparalleled leadership is grounded in America’s enduring strengths and guided by a clear sense of purpose,” Ms. Rice said. “We rally partners to enact sustainable solutions when challenges arise. We strive to set the highest standards by our own example. And, we lead with our eyes fixed firmly on the future, alert to opportunities to make the world safer and increasingly just.”