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The U.S. Stands With Yemen's Transition

Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi waves as he arrives to the Parliament in Sana'a, Yemen.

The United States stands with Yemen as the country transitions to an open, inclusive democracy.

The United States stands with Yemen as the country transitions to an open, inclusive democracy.

The U.S. Stands With Yemen's Transition
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A little over a year ago, then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen signed a political transition initiative, led by the Gulf Cooperation Council. This agreement led to Saleh stepping down after over 33 years in power and outlined key steps in Yemen’s transition, including a National Dialogue, culminating in national elections in February 2014.

“To meet the goals laid out one year ago, President Hadi and the people of Yemen must move forward with an inclusive, transparent, and timely National Dialogue to build consensus on issues fundamental to Yemen’s future, including the structure of the government and constitutional reform,” said United States Alternate Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Jeffrey De Laurentis at a recent Security Council Briefing on Yemen.

“We welcome the recent announcement regarding progress on the composition of the National Dialogue, and we look forward to hearing more details and a timeframe for the Dialogue to commence. We also commend the efforts of the Preparatory Committee and the UN Special Adviser to ensure that the Dialogue includes representatives from all elements of Yemeni society, including political parties, Southerners, Houthis, women, and youth.”

The road ahead is difficult, but the Yemeni people are committed to moving forward and the United States stands with them.

“The international community must ... remain resolute in confronting violent extremists and others who attempt to block Yemen’s progress. Attacks on government officials and other civilians cannot be justified, and we condemn such acts of terrorism in the strongest possible terms,” said Ambassador De Laurentis.

“In May 2012, President Obama signed an executive order that allows the United States to take action against those who seek to undermine the transition. ... We will continue to follow closely any efforts to undermine the Government of National Unity and the political transition.

“Last year, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni men and women took to the streets to courageously demand reform,” said Ambassador De Laurentis. Their courage initiated an historic transition. The United States is committed to supporting the Yemeni people’s aspirations for a democratic, stable, and prosperous Yemen.