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Cheney On War With Iraq

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney called Iraq “a critical front in the war on terror” and offered sympathy to the families of fallen soldiers in a speech to combat veterans in Springfield, Missouri. "Every man and woman who fights and sacrifices in this war is serving a just and noble cause,” he said. “This nation will always be grateful to them, and we will honor their sacrifice by completing our mission."

"Earlier this summer," said Mr. Cheney, "as American soldiers were giving candy to children, a suicide bomber drove into the crowd, killing eighteen boys and girls and an American soldier. . . . .That's the nature of the enemy we face in the war on terror, and will face for the duration of this struggle."

According to Vice President Cheney, "Our mission in Iraq is clear. On the military side, we are hunting down the terrorists and training Iraqi security forces so they can take over responsibility for defending their own country. And over time, as Iraqi forces stand up, American forces will stand down." "On the political side," said Mr. Cheney, "we're helping Iraqis build a vital, peaceful, self-governing nation that can be an ally in the war on terror. These are critical elements in the development of a free and stable Iraq. In turn," he said, "a secure Iraq is critical to the future security of the U.S. and other free nations."

Perseverance has been part of the U.S. military since the founding of the United States. “[O]ur country, "said Vice President Cheney, "has always counted on the bravest among us to answer the call of duty – fighting our wars, defending our interests, standing by our friends, and keeping patient vigil against the enemies of freedom,”

"We will not relent in this effort," said the Vice President, because we have the clearest possible understanding of what is at stake. None of us wants to turn over the future of mankind to tiny groups of fanatics committing indiscriminate murder, enslaving whole populations, oppressing women, imposing an ideology of hatred on an entire region, and arming to create death and destruction on an unbelievable scale. And so," said Vice President Cheney, "we must direct every resource that is necessary to defending the peace and freedom of our world, and the safety of the people we serve. That is the commitment of the United States – that we've made to ourselves and to other nations. And with good allies at our side, we will see this cause through to victory."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.