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Iran Bars I.A.E.A. Inspectors

Thirty-eight inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, known as the I-A-E-A, have been barred by the Iranian government from entering the country. U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack commented on Iran's refusal to admit the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors:

"It's another indication that Iran continues in its defiant attitude towards the international community. They just don't get it. The international community has put them under Chapter seven sanctions. Yet, here you have another example of the Iranians trying to dictate the terms. . .to the international community – in this case the I-A-E-A."

Mr. McCormack says that the consequences for Iran due to the intransigence of its government are growing:

"The fact that Iran now finds it much more difficult to access the international financial system in the ways that it had in the past in order to facilitate the developments in its weapons of mass destruction programs is again another message to the Iranian people that they find themselves more isolated."

Isolating the Iranian people is not what the United States wants, says State Department spokesman McCormack. "We've given this regime a different pathway," he said, "but they have chosen not to take it."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.