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North Korea Urged To Comply

The United States is urging North Korea to meet its commitment to provide a complete and correct declaration of all its nuclear programs, as it pledged to do in an October 3rd Six-Party agreement. Under the agreement -- which included United States, China, Japan, Russia, North Korea and South Korea -- North Korea promised to disable its core nuclear facilities at Yongbyon and provide a complete and correct declaration of all its nuclear programs by the end of 2007 in return for energy aid.

In November, North Korea began disabling its nuclear reactor and two other facilities used for plutonium production at Yongbyon under U.S. supervision. But the process has not been completed. U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said North Korea has an obligation to give a complete accounting of its nuclear programs:

"That does need to include any accounting for the highly-enriched uranium activities that they pursued in the past and may be pursuing currently, and certainly also includes dealing with things like proliferation and the other concerns that we've raised. Full and complete is probably the best way to describe it. There can't be fudging around the edges here."

The U.S. will continue to work with Japan, South Korea, China, and Russia to press North Korea to deliver a complete and correct declaration of its nuclear weapons programs and nuclear weapons proliferation activities and to complete the denuclearization process. The U.S. is committed to fulfilling its obligations under the denuclearization agreement as long as North Korea does its part.