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IAEA Concerned About Iran

Iran has not been forthcoming in addressing the serious concerns raised by the International Atomic Energy Agency, or I-A-E-A, regarding a possible military dimension to its nuclear program, according to the I-A-E-A’s latest report.

The IAEA first raised its concerns on Iranian weaponization-related work and documentation in late 2005. Since December 2007, the IAEA has sharpened its focus on securing answers to its questions in this regard.

The latest I-A-E-A report said, "Iran has not provided the agency with all the information, access to documents and access to individuals necessary to support Iran's statements" that its activities are purely peaceful in intent. "Iran may have additional information, in particular, on high explosives testing and missile-related activities which ... Iran should share with the agency." These remain matters of "serious concern," said the I-A-E-A. "Clarification of these is critical to an assessment of the nature of Iran's past and present nuclear program."

The report also notes that the Iranian government continues to defy United Nations Security Council demands that it suspend uranium enrichment and heavy-water related activities, and that it refused requests by I-A-E-A inspectors to visit several Iranian nuclear-related sites.

U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said that the I-A-E-A’s latest report shows that Iran has been "willfully non-cooperative":

"The Iranians are ... willfully withholding information about their activities related to potential weaponization. There are a number of different questions out there about the military’s involvement in this nuclear program, about Iran’s efforts to fabricate hemispheres of uranium. And I’m not sure -- other than for a weapon -- why you would do that."

Gregory Schulte, U.S. representative to the IAEA, said the new report details how much Iran has to explain about its nuclear program, "and how little it has." Mr. Schulte said the latest report is a "direct rebuttal" to claims by the Iranian regime that it has answered all questions about its nuclear program.