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Iran Tests More Missiles

Iran recently announced that it tested a new long-range surface-to-surface missile, called the Sejil, with a range of 1200 miles. The announcement of the test came a day after Iranian media reported that Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps had test another new missile, called the Samen, near the Iraqi border.

U.S. State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood expressed concern over the news that Iran is continuing to test ballistic missiles:

"We'll have discussions with our friends and allies about how we can put further pressure on the Iranians to stop carrying out these missile tests because they are not good for stability in the region."

For years, Iran has been pursuing ballistic missiles of ever increasing range. Its Shahab-3 missile has a range of 800 miles, and Iranian officials have publicly stated that they are working to significantly improve its range. Iran claims that the Sejil could reach U.S. friends and allies from the Middle East to southeastern Europe, and a longer–range missile, such as an extended version of the Shahab-3, would threaten even more of Europe.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said that Iran's leaders "should refrain from further missile tests if they seek to gain the trust of the world. ... The Iranian regime," he said, "only furthers the isolation of the Iranian people from the international community when it engages in this sort of activity."