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Iran Continues To Enrich Uranium

Iran Continues To Enrich Uranium
Iran Continues To Enrich Uranium
The latest United Nations report on Iran's nuclear program says that Iran continues to engage in proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities that the Security Council has demanded it stop.

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the I-A-E-A, says that Iran has continued to enrich uranium and has a stockpile of over 1,010 kilograms of low enriched uranium – one third more than the Iranian government had previously disclosed.

The I-A-E-A also reported that Iran has refused to respond constructively to questions regarding Iran's past work to develop a nuclear weapons' capability. In addition, Iran has not permitted the I-A-E-A to conduct an inspection of its heavy-water reactor currently under construction near the town of Arak south west of Tehran.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the I-A-E-A report is evidence of another lost opportunity for Iran to show that its nuclear program is, as Iran claims, for civilian energy purposes:

"Absent compliance, the international community cannot have confidence that this program is exclusively of a peaceful nature. It does underscore the urgency with which the international community must work together to address these enrichment activities."

In a written statement, Gordon Duguid, U.S. State Department's Acting Deputy Spokesman, urged Iran "to suspend its uranium enrichment-related reprocessing and heavy water-related activities, to make a full disclosure to the I-A-E-A of all nuclear weapons activities, and to facilitate full I-A-E-A verification of its nuclear program."