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Obama And Merkel Meet

Obama And Merkel Meet
Obama And Merkel Meet

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President Barack Obama recently welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House. Both leaders share the belief that no single nation can meet present-day challenges alone. Germany, said President Obama, is “one of our closest allies and an indispensable partner” in dealing with a range of challenges, not least of which is the global economic crisis.

Both the United States and Germany are committed to strengthening their financial regulations and agreed on the need to avoid protectionism and to embrace policies that create sustainable growth and shared prosperity. In addition, both leaders expressed their commitment to confronting energy and climate change issues.

On the foreign policy front, the U.S. and Germany remain engaged in the effort to achieve a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis through a two-state solution. Chancellor Merkel has made clear Germany’s commitment to the safety and security of Israel. “Going forward,” said President Obama, “Germany will remain a critical partner in our efforts to bring safety and security to Israelis, the Arabs states, and Palestinians -- who must reject violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

The United States and Germany recognize the necessity of remaining vigilant in the fight against terrorism. “Confronting violent extremism,” said Mr. Obama, “and preventing terrorist attacks demand our continued commitment and a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” This includes dismantling, disrupting, and defeating al Qaida and its affiliates. “Germany has been a strong partner in the NATO mission in Afghanistan,” said President Obama, “and we honor those who serve there, including American and German soldiers who gave their lives there.”

Establishing a more substantive relationship with Russia is a goal shared by both the U.S. and Germany. In his upcoming visit to Moscow, President Obama said he would like to pursue the joint reduction of nuclear weapons and strengthen the global nonproliferation regime.

“Germany is a close friend and a critical partner to the United States,” said President Obama on a recent trip there, “and I believe that friendship is going to be essential not only for our two countries but for the world if we are to make progress on some of the critical issues that we face.”