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U.S. - Kosovo Partnership

U.S. - Kosovo Partnership
U.S. - Kosovo Partnership
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"The United States is, and will remain" a "firm partner" of Kosovo, said U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Christopher Dell. Ambassador Dell, chosen by President Barack Obama to represent the United States, made the pledge in Pristina on August 24th, while presenting his diplomatic credentials to the President of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu.

"The foundation of America's policy toward Kosovo is simple and clear," said Ambassador Dell.

"First, the independence of the Republic of Kosovo is irreversible, and U.S. support for Kosovo's independence is unflinching. Second, the U.S. remains committed to our joint project of building a democratic, law-abiding, multi-ethnic, tolerant and prosperous country that will become a full member of the Trans-Atlantic and European family."

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Ambassador Dell identified 5 major tasks for the government and people of Kosovo: "to continue building the institutions of Kosovo's government and society; to ensure that Kosovo remains the home of all its diverse peoples and that they all join in the process of building Europe's newest democratic country; to further the development of the country's economy so that all its citizens can enjoy the benefits of prosperity; to ensure that the society and government are firmly grounded in the rule of law – without which democracy cannot flourish; and finally, with the support of our European partners, to cement progress in all these areas through the realization of Kosovo's European future."

The goals, Ambassador Dell noted, were ambitious and cannot be achieved without much hard work. The U.S., he said, is prepared to do its part to help Kosovo achieve these goals. "We will build not only on the historically strong bilateral relations between our countries, but also on the values and traditions which unite us," he said.

The United States too has known triumph and failure, progress and setbacks in its 230-year quest for a just, free, and democratic society. Kosovo now faces many of those same challenges as well as challenges unique to Kosovo's history and culture. The people and government of Kosovo have amply demonstrated their willingness to meet those challenges. They will find a steadfast partner in the United States of America.m