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Maternal And Child Health In Tajikistan

Maternal And Child Health In Tajikistan
Maternal And Child Health In Tajikistan

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Maternal and child health is a challenge in Hissor, Tajikistan. The United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, and its partner, Mercy Corps, have launched a Maternal and Child Health program in this district to help meet this challenge.

Mercy Corps, an international non-governmental organization, is implementing the program. The program develops and uses community capacity to improve health. The Ministry of Health and Mercy Corps staff will work to expand the use of proven methods that reduce infant and maternal mortality by improving the health of women and of children under the age of 5.

This project will build knowledge and the capacity of the Ministry of Health to provide sustainable, quality, and life-saving health services. It will promote healthy behavior change at the household and community levels.

The program aims to improve maternal and newborn care, as well as nutrition for children under the age of 2, through proper breastfeeding and the timely introduction of appropriate and nutritious complementary foods.

Senior Project Manager, Saadi Izzatov, noted that “within this initiative, we plan to work in 2 jamoats [(sub-districts)] of Hissor—and Navabod — where there are 11,347 women of reproductive age and 7,329 children under age 5.

The project will support the introduction of several national programs, including Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses, or IMCI, Community IMCI, Growth Monitoring Program, Care for Development, and Effective Prenatal Care. We will also work directly with communities to improve their sense of responsibility for their own health and solve community health-related problems.”

Honakohi Jamoat Chair, Zulfiya Sobirova, said, "We’re really happy to see a maternal/child health-related program in our community because young women’s knowledge on maternal and newborn care is low. This can be proven by the fact that last year there were 14 child mortality cases in our jamoat. All we have to do is increase their awareness around this issue."

Mercy Corps has worked in Tajikistan since 1994 and is one of many assistance projects implemented in Tajikistan by USAID on behalf of the American people. Since 1993 the American people, through USAID, have provided about $300 million in assistance programs that support economic growth, democratic institutions, health care, and education systems of Tajikistan.

Working with the government of Tajikstan and international partners like Mercy Corps, the U.S. is committed to improving health care for the people of Tajikistan.