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6/13/04 - U-N ENDORSES IRAQI GOVERNMENT - 2004-06-14

The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a resolution calling for the return of full sovereignty to the people of Iraq. The resolution, sponsored by the United States, Britain, and Romania, endorses the end of the occupation of Iraq, the return of full sovereignty to the new Iraqi interim government, and the start of a political process that will result in a new constitution and an elected government of Iraq.

The resolution also extends the mandate of the multinational force to provide security at the request of the new government, sets out a role for the U-N to help the interim government operate, and asks other countries to aid Iraq in its transition from tyranny to democracy.

John Negroponte is the U.S. Ambassador to the U-N, and will soon be the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq. He says the council’s action sends a message to the Iraqi people:

“The unanimous passage of Resolution fifteen-forty-six is a vivid demonstration of broad international support for –- and I quote from the text –- ‘a federal, democratic, pluralist, and unified Iraq in which there is full respect for political and human rights.’”

The U-N resolution makes it clear that Iraq’s sovereignty will be undiluted and that the interim government of Iraq will have authority both to request and decline outside assistance. The government of Iraq will have the final say on the presence of the multinational force, and Iraqi leaders will have control of their country’s security forces.

President George W. Bush says the passage of the U-N resolution tells “the world that members of the Security Council are interested in working together to make sure that Iraq is free and peaceful and democratic”:

“I think this is a very important moment on making sure that our objective is achieved. These nations understand that a free Iraq will serve as a catalyst for change in the broader Middle East, which is an important part of winning the war on terror. I expect nations to contribute as they see fit.”

On June 30th, full sovereignty will be turned over to Iraq’s interim government and the Coalition Provisional Authority will no longer exist. The Iraqi people are well on their way to determining their own future.