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Rice Confirmed

The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government:

The United States Senate has voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as the United States’ new Secretary of State. For the past four years, Dr. Rice has served as President George W. Bush's national security adviser. President Bush has described Dr. Rice as "an honorable, fine public servant":

"Dr. Rice and I look forward to moving forward. We look forward to working to make sure the Iraqis have got a democracy. We look forward to continuing to make sure Afghanistan is secure as possible from potential Taleban resurgence. We look forward to spreading freedom around the world. And she is going to make a wonderful Secretary of State."

In her Senate confirmation hearings, Dr. Rice stated that "the world is more secure, whenever and wherever freedom prevails":

"It is neither an accident nor a coincidence that the greatest threats of the last century emerged from totalitarian movements. Fascism and Communism differed in many ways, but they shared an implacable hatred of freedom, a fanatical assurance that their way was the only way, and a supreme confidence that history was on their side."

"The challenges we face today are no less daunting," said Dr. Rice. "America and the free world are once again engaged in a long-term struggle against an ideology of tyranny and terror, and against hatred and hopelessness":

"American diplomacy has three tasks. First, we will unite the community of democracies in building an international system that is based on shared values and the rule of law. Second, we will strengthen the community of democracies to fight the threats to our common security and alleviate the hopelessness that feeds terror. And third, we will spread freedom and democracy throughout the world."

And, as President Bush says, the United States is guided by the conviction that "no nation can build a safer, better world alone. Alliances and multilateral institutions can multiply the strength of freedom-loving nations."