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New Water Projects For Jordan

Jordan river
Jordan river

"These projects will help Jordan manage its water resources while saving money and protecting the environment."

Reflecting President Barack Obama’s vision for global development, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC, signed a Compact that will result in a $275 million U.S. investment to improve Jordan's water supply.

Jordan is one of the most water poor countries in the world. The water supply is so short that many households receive water only once or twice a week. Due to poor connections and leaking pipes, even available water frequently fails to reach some homes and businesses, complicating daily life and taking a toll on the country's economy.

"Jordan’s MCC Compact invests in 3 integrated water and wastewater projects in Zarqa," said Daniel Yohannes, the MCC's Chief Executive Officer. "First, the Compact will rehabilitate the water supply network for households and businesses. Second, the Compact will expand the wastewater collection network into neighborhoods that lack access to proper sewer systems. Third, the Compact will expand the As-Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant by partnering with a private sector operator that will mobilize a portion of the total construction cost."

In her speech prior to the Compact Signing ceremony, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that "Because of the upgrades that will be made to the water supply network and to improving waste water collection and expanding a key wastewater treatment plant, nearly 2 million people will gain more reliable access to clean water, many for the first time:"

"These projects will help Jordan manage its water resources while saving money and protecting the environment. And over the long term, such improvements to Jordan’s water system will help spur sustainable economic growth and improve public health. But the impact will be felt right away with much needed new construction jobs as projects begin."

"This will be a tangible demonstration of this friendship that exists between the people of Jordan and the people of the United States," Secretary of State Clinton said. "We are making this investment ... because we believe in Jordan’s promise and we are committed to Jordan’s future."