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U.S.-Honduras Relations

Women and their children wait in line to register at the Honduran Center for Returned Migrants after being deported from Mexico. (File)

The United States and Honduras have a relationship based on mutual respect, cooperation, and common goals.

The United States and Honduras have a relationship based on mutual respect, cooperation, and common goals. Both countries recently held a High Level Security Dialogue and discussed areas where they can work together to prevent and reduce crime, hold accountable narcotraffickers and other criminals, and strengthen judicial institutions.

U.S.-Honduras Relations
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Honduras has been successful over the past year in extraditing major drug traffickers to the United States, as well as recording a significant drop in its homicide rate in 2014. During the High Level Security Dialogue, Honduras outlined its strategy for countering threats like transnational organized crime, alien smuggling, trafficking in persons and drugs.

Honduras succeeded in arresting numerous migrant smugglers and rescued hundreds of smuggled migrant children. The United States is also doing its part to dismantle the human smuggling networks that move Honduran migrants north and a large number of smugglers have been arrested as a result.

The United States and Honduras discussed the continuation of collaboration on crime prevention, focusing on local community policing methods and on creating alternative opportunities for at-risk individuals in high crime areas.

The United States commended Honduras on the historic agreement it signed with Transparency International, aimed at promoting government accountability and reducing corruption.

Honduras reiterated its commitment to improve its security in a framework of respect for human rights and providing protection for human rights defenders. The United States and Honduras also reiterated support for continued progress in their bilateral human rights working group and for enhancing the role of civil society in human rights and civilian security discussions.

The delegations discussed ways in which the United States can support Honduras in implementing its national security plan, as well the “Alliance for Prosperity in the Northern Triangle,” a plan jointly produced by the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and aimed at improving conditions in the region. The United States and Honduras acknowledged the importance of addressing the security, governance, and economic issues that are vital for ensuring new economic opportunity and more equitable economic growth for the people of the Northern Triangle.

Finally, the United States and Honduras agreed that it is critical for the entire hemisphere to collaborate in the fight against transnational criminal organizations and to deepen ongoing efforts to enhance regional cooperation and integration.