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World Trade Week

U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Ron Kirk speaks with the International Broadcasting Bureau's Office of Policy about World Trade Week.

World Trade Week offers a chance for Americans and our partners around the world to recognize the benefits that trade brings to all.

President Obama has proclaimed World Trade Week in the United States – a chance for Americans and our partners around the world to recognize the benefits that trade brings to all of us every day of the year. These benefits include more varied and more affordable goods and services for consumers. They also include better jobs and economic opportunity for workers and entrepreneurs.

The United States values its global trade and investment ties. As more Americans do business directly with people around the world, those contacts contribute to better understanding between countries and in the international community.

United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk says global trade is a key factor in economic recovery. He noted that U.S. President Obama and his fellow world leaders committed to keeping the markets open during the economic downturn: “The World Trade Organization has shown, that for the most part, most countries have acted responsibly. And we have not engaged in that type of rampant protectionism, and now, global trade is beginning to pick up and help to lead the world's economic recovery.”

The United States is committed to keeping its markets open. And America is looking toward opportunities to strengthen the global trading system. Ambassador Kirk said this includes a continued push for a balanced and ambitious conclusion of the Doha Development Round of WTO negotiations.

“In terms of an impact on the world, it would have a positive effect on all of the hundred and fifty three members' economies, but only if we can get a successful and balanced outcome with meaningful market access for all of us."

The United States is also seeking to increase exports to dynamic markets in the Asia-Pacific through the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And we will continue to work with global partners to strengthen bilateral and multilateral ties.

Many have heard of President Obama’s plan to double American exports as part of the United States’ job creation strategy at home. Ambassador Kirk said that this can be good for the whole world: “Whatever we do that creates a stronger belief in trade liberalization and a stronger base of support for trade within the United States, I think, helps to strengthen the international global trading system.”

World Trade Week, Ambassador Kirk said, is a time to “commit ourselves to working together to make sure that we keep trade flows going for all of our economic benefit in the future.”