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U.S. Supports Democratic Ukraine

The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government:

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney recently met with Viktor Yushchenko, the new democratically elected president of Ukraine. Mr. Cheney said that fifteen years after the democratic revolutions that swept away Communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe, "liberty continues its steady advance in this vital part of the world. With their courage, dedication, and peaceful determination, the Ukrainian people have shown a watching world the unstoppable power of the popular will."

Now the hard work of reform in Ukraine is set to begin. Mr. Yushchenko said he wants to pursue democratization in all aspects of public life. The U.S. and countries of Western Europe have pledged to help Ukraine make the transition to a free-market economy. Part of that process entails gaining access to Western markets through membership in the European Union. To achieve that goal, President Yushchenko has pledged to lower taxes and make sure everyone pays them. It is also critical to reduce corruption, said Mr. Yushchenko:

"My government will not be stealing, nor will local governments. Business will be separated from politics. We will remove unnecessary impediments and excessive regulation, which breeds corruption. Administrative reform will promote transparency of the government at all levels."

Vice President Cheney said, "Free nations stood with [Mr. Yushchenko] as he made his just demands that the voice of the people be heard. The free world will stand with [Mr. Yushchenko] once again as he works to consolidate Ukraine's democratic gains and adds to the prosperity and justice of his country."