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Bush in Europe On Iran

The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government:

During his trip to Europe, President George W. Bush said that Europe and the United States together can "set history on a hopeful course" by working to spread liberty, particularly in the Middle East:

"The future of our nations, and the future of the Middle East are linked – and our peace depends on their hope and development and freedom."

"In the long run," said Mr. Bush, "we cannot live in peace and safety if the Middle East continues to produce ideologies of murder, and terrorists who seek the deadliest weapons":

"Regimes that terrorize their own people will not hesitate to support terror abroad. A status quo of tyranny and hopelessness in the Middle East - the false stability of dictatorship and stagnation - can only lead to deeper resentment in a troubled region, and further tragedy in free nations."

Mr. Bush had strong words for Iran, declaring in relation to that country that "the free world shares a common goal:"

"For the sake of peace, the Iranian regime must end its support for terrorism, and must not develop nuclear weapons."

President Bush said "no option can be taken permanently off the table" in regard to Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. But the U.S., he says, is working with others on a diplomatic solution:

"The United States is a member of the I-A-E-A {International Atomic Energy Agency] Board of Governors, which has taken the lead on this issue. We're working closely with Britain, France and Germany as they oppose Iran's nuclear ambitions, and as they insist that Tehran comply with international law. The results of this approach now depend largely on Iran. We also look for Iran to finally deliver on promised reform. The time has arrived for the Iranian regime to listen to the Iranian people, and respect their rights, and join in the movement toward liberty that is taking place all around them."

"Across the Middle East," said President Bush, "from the Palestinian territories, to Lebanon, to Iraq, to Iran –- I believe that the advance of freedom within nations will build the peace among nations."