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Iraqi Democracy

"Iraqis are making inspiring progress toward building a lasting democracy," says President George W. Bush:

"Millions of Iraqis turned out to vote on a constitution that guarantees fundamental freedoms and lays the foundation for lasting democracy. The Iraqi elections commission certified passage of that constitution. Many more Sunnis participated in this vote than in January's historic elections, and the level of violence was dramatically lower."

President Bush says, "With their courageous vote, the Iraqis have once again proved their determination to build a democracy united against extremism and violence":

"An eighty-five year old Iraqi woman cast a ballot in favor of the constitution after her son carried her to the polls on his back. And here's what she said: 'I went out to vote for it because I want a future to be safe and peaceful for my sons and my grandchildren.'"

Some people, says Mr. Bush, "underestimate the power and appeal of freedom":

"We've heard it said that the Shia, the Sunnis, and the Kurds of Iraq are too divided to form a lasting democracy. In fact, democratic federalism is the best hope for unifying a diverse population, because a federal constitutional system respects the rights and religious traditions of all citizens, while giving all minorities, including Sunnis, a stake and a voice in their country."

"People everywhere prefer freedom to slavery, and that liberty, once chosen, improves the lives of all," says President Bush. "As the coalition and the Iraqi people each do their part," he says, "Iraqi democracy will succeed."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.