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Iraqi Ministers Named

The Iraqi parliament has approved the final three ministers to serve in the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

General Abdul Qader Al-Mafraji, an independent, was chosen to head the defense ministry. General al-Mafraji was forced out of the Iraqi military in 1991 when he opposed Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait. When Saddam Hussein was overthrown, General Al-Mafraji joined the new Iraqi army. He says he will work for all Iraqis and not according to his tribal, religious, or ethnic background.

Jawad al-Bolani is the new Iraqi Interior Minister. Mr. al-Bolani says the interior ministry will treat all Iraqis fairly and will seek to reduce violence in the country. Mr. Bolani is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Technology and worked as an engineer in the Iraqi Air Force until 1999. He was acting member of the Governing Council and member of the water committee in the transitional assembly.

Sherwan al-Wa’ili, the new National Security Minister, is a member of the Iraqi Da’wa party. Mr. al-Wa’ili was detained in 1991 by Saddam Hussein after the uprising in southern Iraq. He says, his "understanding is that the national security ministry must be an Iraqi one and to expand its work, not just to fight terrorism but also to fight economic crimes."

President George W. Bush says, "These new ministers are part of a democratic government that represents all Iraqis":

"They will play a vital role as the Iraqi government addresses its top priorities – reconciliation and reconstruction and putting an end to the kidnappings and beheadings and suicide bombings that plague the Iraqi people."

President Bush says that the Iraqi government "will have the full support of the United States of America."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.