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Bush In Europe

In a speech to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris, President George W. Bush said the terrorist threat is ever present. "So America and Europe," he said, "are applying the tools of intelligence and finance and law enforcement and diplomacy, and when necessary, military power to break up terror networks and deny them safe haven."

All these measures are critical to success in the fight against terrorism. But ultimately, said President Bush, the only way to defeat the advocates of radical Islam is to defeat their ideas:

"So, the central aim of our foreign policy is to advance a more hopeful and compelling vision, especially in the broader Middle East, a vision of the ideals of liberty and justice and tolerance and hope."

In Afghanistan, said President Bush, the U.S and Europe "must stand with a brave young democracy determined to defeat al-Qaida and the Taliban." Afghanistan must never again become a safe harbor for terrorists.

In Lebanon, the U.S. and Europe must counter the dangers posed by Hezbollah terrorists supported by Iran and Syria. Elsewhere in the Holy Land, it is time for a democratic two-state solution based on a permanent peace between Israel and Palestine.

And in Iraq, the U.S. and its allies must continue to stand with Iraqis in their struggle to create a stable and democratic country.

None of these goals are easy. In fact, said President Bush, "there are moments today when the situation in places like the Middle East can look as daunting as it did in Europe six decades ago. Yet we can have confidence," he said, "that liberty once again will prevail ... We can have confidence because men and women in the Middle East and beyond are determined to claim their liberty, just as the people of Europe did in the last century."