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U.S. Condemns Terrorism In Iran

U.S. Condemns Terrorism In Iran
U.S. Condemns Terrorism In Iran

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Iran has been experiencing a series of violent attacks in the southeastern city of Zahedan. Zahedan is the capital of Sistan-Baluchestan province, the home to one million members of Iran's Sunni minority. The area has been restive for years, with reports of narcotics trafficking and economic and cultural discrimination against the Baluchi minority by the Iranian government.

On June 1st, an arson attack on a bank killed 5 people. On May 29th, close to 2 dozen people were killed and more than 100 wounded in a suicide bombing in a Shiite mosque in the city. The armed Sunni militant group Jundullah claimed responsibility for the mosque bombing.

After the attack on the mosque, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly expressed the U.S. government's condolences for the victims of the events in Iran:

"We condemn this terrorist attack in the strongest possible terms, and extend our sympathy to the families of those injured and killed. We note with concern a recent trend of bombings of Shia mosques in Iraq and Pakistan, as well as in Iran, and strongly condemn any kind of sectarian-driven violence. The U.S. strongly condemns all forms of terrorism. We do not sponsor any form of terrorism in Iran, and we continue to work with the international community to try and prevent any attacks against innocent civilians anywhere."

The United States shares a common interest with Iran in working to preventing terrorist attacks. No political cause justifies the premeditated killing of innocent civilians.