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U.S.-India Partnership

U.S.-India Partnership
U.S.-India Partnership

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Strengthening the important strategic relationship between the United States and India is a major goal of U.S. policy, said Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Speaking in Mumbai to Indian officials and civil society leaders, Secretary Clinton said the U.S. seeks to step up cooperation between the U.S. and India on issues ranging from economic growth and development, to climate change, to education and healthcare, to nonproliferation and counterterrorism.

At a meeting with India's business leaders, Secretary Clinton reaffirmed America's commitment to working with partners in India to spread prosperity across society in both countries. "The alleviation of poverty, which I know is a central goal of the Indian government and the Indian people is one that we will offer to help with in any way," she said. Secretary Clinton told Indian scientists that the U.S. wants to work closely with India to combat global hunger and find clean, sustainable energy for the future.

Visiting the memorial to the victims of last November's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Secretary Clinton said these senseless attacks, like those of 9/11 and the recent bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia "provide a painful reminder that the threat of such violent extremism is still very real." The threat, she said, "is global, it is ruthless, it is nihilistic, and it must be stopped."

Secretary Clinton said "the United States will work with the Indian government, and other nations and people who seek peace and security to confront and defeat these violent extremists. And we will do our utmost to create a world of opportunity where there is more space for progress, peace and prosperity, and less space for intolerance, violence and hate."

"President Obama and I believe we are entering a new and even more promising era of relations with India," said Secretary of State Clinton, "and we are looking forward to working to broaden and deepen our partnership."