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Obama At the UNGA, Four Pillars

Obama At the UNGA, Four Pillars
Obama At the UNGA, Four Pillars

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U.S. President Barack Obama told world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly that four principles are necessary to ensure a future of peace and prosperity: nuclear disarmament, the promotion of peace and security, preservation of the planet, and a global economy that offers opportunity for all people. "These four pillars," said President Obama, "are fundamental to the future that we want for our children."

"First, we must stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and seek the goal of a world without them," said President Obama:

" Today, the threat of proliferation is growing in scope and complexity. If we fail to act, we will invite nuclear arms races in every region, and the prospect of wars and acts of terror on a scale that we can hardly imagine."

To add weight to President Obama's words, the U.S. submitted the draft of a resolution aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons. The UN Security Council adopted it unanimously during a historic session presided over by President Obama on September 24th.

The second pillar is the pursuit of peace, said President Obama:

"We can recognize that the yearning for peace is universal, and reassert our resolve to end conflicts around the world. . . . That effort must begin with an unshakeable determination that the murder of innocent men, women and children will never be tolerated."

That is why we will strengthen our support for effective peacekeeping, while preventing conflict, said President Obama.

Preservation of our planet is the third pillar. It is our responsibility to meet the danger posed by climate change, said the President. "If we continue down our current course ... [f]uture generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act – why we failed to pass on intact the environment that was our inheritance." No country can meet the climate challenge alone –- all nations must act together.

Finally, we must develop a global economy that advances opportunity for all people, said President Obama:

"Wealthy nations must open their markets to more goods and extend a hand to those with less. ... Developing nations must root out the corruption that is an obstacle to progress –- for opportunity cannot thrive where individuals are oppressed and businesses have to pay bribes."

"I believe that the people of the world want this future for their children," said President Obama. "And that is why we must champion those principles which ensure that governments reflect the will of the people."