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U.S. Condemns Pakistan Attacks

U.S. Condemns Pakistan Attacks
U.S. Condemns Pakistan Attacks

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The United States extends its sympathies to the victims of a series of terrorist attacks in Pakistan that killed more than 150 people in the first weeks of October.

On October 20, bombings at the International Islamic University claimed numerous lives and left many injured. A statement released by the United States Embassy in Pakistan condemned the bombings, which were perpetrated on a respected Islamic institution, expressed deep condolences to the victims' families and is praying for a speedy recovery for all those injured.

A combination of car and suicide bombings at a police station in Peshawar October 16th killed at least thirteen people, including two children. Thirty-nine lost their lives in coordinated attacks by gunmen and suicide bombers that targeted government sites across Pakistan October 15th.

State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood called the attacks "heinous acts of violence":

"We honor those brave Pakistani military police and security personnel who are fully engaged in combating these extremists. . . .These attacks once again highlight the vicious and inhuman nature of this enemy, whose true target is the democratically elected government of Pakistan and the security of all Pakistanis."

The U.S. condemns these acts and others that have plagued Pakistan in recent weeks. An October 5th attack on the U.N. food agency's headquarters in Islamabad killed five. Fifty-three died in a suicide car bomb attack in Peshawar October 9th. Militants carried out a twenty-two-hour long raid on the Pakistani army headquarters in Rawalpindi on October 10th during which nine militants and fourteen others died. Forty-one lost their lives when a bomb exploded in a market in the Northwest Shangla district, October 12th.

White House Deputy Spokesman Bill Burton extended President Barack Obama's concern for loss of innocent life and said the attacks highlight the need for U.S. support in the fight against militants in Pakistan. He said President Obama has "been impressed by the courageous actions that the Pakistani military has taken to root out some of these extremist elements."