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1/15/03 - AL-QAIDA ROUNDUP - 2003-01-16

The worldwide roundup of al-Qaida terrorist suspects continues. Canadian authorities have detained a terrorism suspect named Mohammed Harkat. Harkat reportedly has ties to key al-Qaida leaders, including Abu Zubaydah, the terrorist network’s chief operational planner who is now under arrest. Harkat has also been linked to the Muslim World League and the International Islamic Relief Organization, two Saudi-based charitable groups suspected of being fronts for funding terrorists. Harkat has announced his loyalty to the Armed Islamic Group. The Armed Islamic Group is an Islamic terrorist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the Algerian government.

In Germany, authorities have arrested two Yemeni men. One is Sheik Muhammed Ali Hassan al-Mouyad, an imam at a mosque in Yemen’s capital, Sana. Sheik Mouyad runs a sizable charity. He is wanted for his role as a fundraiser for Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network. The second person arrested is Muhammad Mosen Yahya Zayed, an assistant to Sheik Mouyad. The men were arrested at the request of the United States.

Pakistani authorities are also continuing their crackdown on al-Qaida suspects. This week, they arrested an Australian man on suspicion he received terrorism training in Afghanistan and reportedly has links to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network.

The worldwide hunt for terrorists will continue until the threat of murder and mayhem is stamped out. As President George Bush said, no matter how long it takes, the United States and its allies will bring the terrorists to justice.