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3/26/03 - IRAQI FREEDOM GOALS - 2003-03-26

The security of the world requires the immediate removal of the evil, corrupt, and brutal Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein. To that end, a coalition led by the United States and supported by the United Kingdom, Australia, and forty other countries is now fighting in Iraq. As British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, the coalition's objectives in this war are clear:

". . . .they are to remove Saddam Hussein from power and ensure that Iraq is disarmed of all chemical and biological and nuclear weapons programs."

Throughout Operation Iraqi Freedom, said Prime Minister Blair, the coalition will make the well-being of the Iraqi people a prime concern:

"We want to do this campaign in a way that minimizes the suffering of ordinary Iraqi people brutalized by Saddam, to safeguard the wealth of the country for the future prosperity of the people, and to make this not a war of conquest but of liberation."

The war will take time. But the fate of Saddam Hussein and his regime, said Prime Minister Blair, is sealed:

"Saddam will go. This regime will be replaced. The Iraqi people will be helped to a better future. The weapons of mass destruction, for which a peaceful Iraq has no use, will be eliminated.

As Prime Minister Blair said, while it is certain that the coalition will encounter more difficulties in the days ahead, no less certain is the coalition's inevitable victory.