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American Support For Tsunami Aid

The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government:

The U.S. government has pledged three-hundred-fifty million dollars to help the survivors of the earthquake-induced tsunamis. More than one-hundred-fifty-thousand people died when the tidal waves struck twelve-countries around the Indian Ocean. Along with the U.S. government, the American people are making massive donations for relief efforts.

President George W. Bush says that as the people of the devastated regions struggle to recover, they have the "assurance that America will be there to help":

From charitable organizations to private individuals to companies, our fellow citizens, on their own initiative, are raising millions of dollars for relief efforts."

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that private charities in the United States have raised more than two-hundred-forty million dollars from individuals and corporations for aid to tsunami survivors. This includes the American Red Cross, which has raised more than one-hundred-million dollars; and Save the Children, which has received more than fifteen-million dollars in contributions.

Large American corporations are also helping the survivors of the tsunamis. Among them, Coca Cola has donated ten-million dollars to relief organizations; Exxon/Mobil has contributed five-million dollars; Abbot Laboratories Fund has donated both health-care products and funds totaling four-million dollars. And the list goes on.

The United States "holds the victims of this terrible tragedy in our hearts and prayers," says President Bush. "In this modern age," he said, "our world still requires compassion, tolerance, and generosity from each of us."