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Better Nutrition For El Salvador

Urban skyline view of El Salvador. (file)
Urban skyline view of El Salvador. (file)

The U.S. and El Salvador work together to expand a comprehensive nutrition program.

The United States Government, through its Agency for International Development, or USAID, recently signed a public-private alliance with the Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development, or FUSAL, Citi El Salvador, and the Gloria de Kriete Foundation, in order to expand a comprehensive nutrition program in the Salvadoran municipalities of San Antonio del Monte and Santa Catarina Masahuat, in the Department of Sonsonate.

In these municipalities, 1 of every 4 people suffers from some degree of malnutrition. To address this issue, USAID will provide some 250,000 $ over a period of 18 months, with a contribution of 340,000 $ from its partners in this alliance, for a total of 590,000 $. This public-private partnership, which will benefit some 37,000 people, is part of USAID's Global Development Alliance. The Global Development Alliance promotes the participation of private business in actions that benefit society.

El Salvador's Foundation for Health and Human Development makes a special effort to reduce childhood malnutrition as part of a strategy to overcome poverty. Its flagship "Pounds of Love" addresses the principal causes of malnutrition, provides families with health and nutritional assistance and, at the same time, accompanies them in the development of healthy life habits and skills that guarantee food security.

"I am confident that this alliance will serve as an example so that other companies and institutions are motivated to form public-private alliances that benefit Salvadorans in vulnerable conditions," said Larry Brady, former Director of USAID El Salvador, during this year's signing ceremony. The alliance will allow for the creation of new health teams that will visit the communities in these two municipalities to provide medical assistance, food, and advice regarding nutrition and nursing infants.

"This alliance with USAID will allow us to contribute to overcoming poverty in the municipalities of Santa Catarina Masahut and San Antonio del Monte by approaching nutrition in a comprehensive way," said Celina Palomo, Executive Director of FUSAL. "Likewise, we are thankful to have the support of the Gloria de Kriete Foundation and Citi, who have always been our allies," she said.

The United States is committed to working with public and private partners in El Salvador to provide security and better health for all Salvadoran people.