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Biden on Next Step In U.S.-India Partnerhip

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden delivers an address at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in Mumbai July 24, 2013.

“Imagine what our two countries can achieve together in this 21st century."

It is time for the United States and India to take the next step in their partnership, said Vice President Joseph Biden recently in Mumbai.

Biden On Next Step In U.S.-India Partnership
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“Imagine what our two countries can achieve together in this 21st century -- not only for one another but for economic stability of the region, as well as the world.”

The two countries share similar goals. The top priority for the Obama-Biden administration is “straightforward and simple, how do we continue to shore up America’s future and the foundations of the middle class life in America with good-paying jobs, affordable health care, housing, education and dignity in retirement,” said Vice President Biden.

“India’s top priority is to lift hundreds of millions of people out of poverty to join the middle class -- totally consistent goals. Together, in our view, we can help each other achieve our core goals. And we’ve made a good start.”

To take our relationship to the next level, to help accomplish our overarching individual domestic goals, we must deepen our economic relationship.

“Expanding trade between India and the United States can and should be a central part of this story. But that requires us to be candid with each other about the obstacles that exist when it comes to a business environment: protection of intellectual property; requirements that companies buy local content; limits on foreign direct investment; inconsistent tax treatment; barriers to market access. These are tough problems. But we all know they have to be negotiated and worked through in order to meet the potential of this relationship,” said Mr. Biden.

“India has an essential role to play -- both to take its rightful place in international rule-setting and to accept the responsibilities that come with it,” said Vice President Biden.

“We Americans are confident that India will continue to rise because we believe you will take the additional steps necessary to spur further growth and enhance your economic influence around the world, and in the process lift the whole world. We want to be your partner in that venture, in lifting the economy of the world.”