Rewards For Fugitives: Husayn Muhammed al-Umari
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Husyan Muhammad al-Umari is a fugitive who is wanted as a suspect in the 1982 bombing of a Hawaii-bound jetliner that killed one passenger and wounded 16 others.

Husyan al-Umari
Husyan al-Umari
Born in Jaffa, Palestine, al-Umari is 73-years old, stands 1.7 meters tall, and has gray hair and brown eyes. He has a scar from the fingers of his right hand extending to his forearm, and another scar on his left hand in the web between his thumb and index finger. He is also known as Hussein Mohammed al-Umari and Abu Ibrahim.

Al-Umari, the one-time leader of the May 15 terrorist group, is wanted by both the French and U.S. governments for his role in deadly bomb attacks. He is one of 3 people indicted for the August 11, 1982, bombing of Pan American World Airways Flight 830 traveling from Narita, Japan, to Honolulu, Hawaii, and is believed to have designed and built the explosive device. In 1985, he is believed to have taken part in attacks on a department store and bank in Paris.

Authorities believe al-Umari may have a passport from Lebanon, where his wife reportedly lives. For several years he resided in Iraq, but his current whereabouts are unknown. A master bombmaker, he reportedly travels at all times with a firearm, and he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Husyan al-Umari
Husyan al-Umari
The Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to al-Umari's arrest or prosecution.

The U.S. guarantees that all reports will be investigated and the identity of all informants will be kept confidential. If appropriate, the U.S. is prepared to protect informants by relocating them.