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Retaking Ramadi

Displaced Iraqi people, who fled the violence in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, celebrate after their city was liberated from the Islamic State group, Dec. 29, 2015 at the Alkzenzanah camp in the capital, Baghdad.

"We congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces for their continued success against ISIL in Ramadi.

Iraqi Security Forces report that they have cleared the government center in Ramadi of ISIL control. In a statement from U.S. Combined Joint Task Force issued December 28th, Task Force Spokesperson Col. Steve Warren said:

"We congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces for their continued success against ISIL in Ramadi. The clearance of the government center is a significant accomplishment and is the result of many months of hard work by the Iraqi Army, the Counter Terrorism Service, the Iraqi Air Force, local and federal police, and tribal fighters.”

“The coalition,” Colonel Warren noted, “has provided steadfast support to the Iraqi government to enable them to fight and win against ISIL. Coalition support included more than 630 airstrikes; training several of the Iraqi Army brigades, CTS units and federal and local police forces who fought in Ramadi; providing specialized engineering equipment to clear IEDs and VBIEDS; and providing advice and assistance at multiple Iraqi Army headquarters including the 16th Iraqi Army Division, Counter Terrorism Service, the Anbar Operations Command, the Iraqi Ground Forces Command and the Combined Joint Operations Command.

Today’s success is a proud moment for Iraq.

The coalition will continue to support the Government of Iraq as they move forward to make Ramadi safe for civilians to return and as the military moves to fight ISIL in other areas of the country."

The U.S. Embassy in Iraq offered its congratulation to the Iraqi Security Forces on their progress in the hard-fought battle to retake Ramadi. “ISF seizing the Anbar Government complex in Ramadi is a major blow to Dae’sh terrorists who continue to lose territory,” said the U.S. Embassy in a December 28th statement.

“The United States is proud to have led the International Coalition in assisting the ISF and remains steadfast in our commitment to support the Iraqi government to see Da’esh defeated.”