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More Action On P.K.K. Terror

U.S. State Department Coordinator for Iraq, David Satterfield, says the United States wants Iraq's Kurdish leadership to do more to stop the Kurdistan Workers Party, or P-K-K, from conducting terrorist attacks against Turkey:

"No, we are not satisfied with progress on the P-K-K. There are more steps that need to be taken to ensure that the P-K-K does not return to violence."

A majority of the several thousand P-K-K insurgents are operating out of the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Ambassador Satterfield says a U.S. special envoy, retired general Joseph Ralston, is working on stopping P-K-K attacks:

"He is working with the Iraqi government. He is working with officials of the Kurdish regional government with an aim to finding a way forward that brings this problem to a resolution, to a close. And the most important step is an end to the terror, an end to the violence. And it does mean that the P-K-K must cease its involvement in violent activities. It must lay down its arms."

General Ralston told senior Iraqi officials that they should not allow Iraqi territory to be used as a safe haven for the P-K-K:

"It works certainly against the best interests of Iraq. Turkey is the best possible friend that Iraq could have in that neighborhood. . . .And the economic interests between Iraq and Turkey are critical for both Iraq and Turkey."

State Department Coordinator for Iraq David Satterfield says, "Too many Turks have suffered from P-K-K violence, particularly over the last year. This needs to come to a halt."

The preceding was an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government.