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Mediation The Best Hope For Honduras

Mediation The Best Hope For Honduras
Mediation The Best Hope For Honduras

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Top Latin American diplomats are stepping up efforts to end the political crisis in Honduras, planning to hold talks with the de facto government there to allow the return of President Manuel Zelaya and pave the way for the election of a new president this fall. The United States applauds the efforts of Costa Rican President Oscar Arias to ensure an equitable agreement to which all parties can commit.

The Organization of American States, or OAS, announced this week that a high-level delegation will travel to Honduras and seek to persuade various parties to support the plan spearheaded by President Arias. The 12 point proposal calls for the restoration of President Zelaya, who was deposed and forcibly exiled June 28, creation of an interim government and accelerated presidential elections, among other actions.

Both President Zelaya and Honduras’ de facto leader Roberto Micheletti have voiced support for the proposal, as has the Honduran military. The OAS commission heading to Tegucigalpa will work to gain the full support of other interested parties inside Honduras.

The U.S. supports the OAS’ efforts to promote President Arias’ plan, and is working every day to encourage the parties to accept the San Jose proposal. The de facto government and President Zelaya should redouble their efforts to resolve the situation and come together to reach an agreement. Only then can the political process proceed, constitutional order be restored, and elections be conducted with the backing of both the Honduran people and the international community.