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Moving Toward Peace In Sudan

Moving Toward Peace In Sudan

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Representatives of North and South Sudan took a big step toward peace and stability on August 19th, signing an agreement to resolve most of the outstanding disputes that have hindered full implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement, or CPA. More needs to be done, however, and the United States, through U.S. Special Envoy to Sudan Scott Gration, who facilitated the negotiations, will remain deeply engaged in bringing the process to a successful end.

The deal sets specific timetables and processes for furthering implementation of the 2005 CPA, such as defining the border between the 2 regions, sharing the country’s mineral wealth, and security issues. In a larger sense, it is an important step in strengthening relations between the North and South.

The parties have also agreed to continue discussions on the 2 remaining issues; the census and the referendum. Special Envoy Gration will return to Sudan in September to facilitate these discussions. With the 2010 national elections quickly approaching, and the 2011 referenda not far behind, it is critical that the parties reach agreement on these outstanding issues.

The goal is to bring peace, stability, prosperity, and justice to the people of Sudan. The United States is fully committed toward this end by supporting the full implementation of the CPA and a peaceful end to the conflict in Darfur. The United States, through the efforts of Special Envoy Gration and others, will continue to engage with all stakeholders to make peace and stability a reality for the people of Sudan.